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self-publishing : how to publish your book on completelynovel

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The team behind CompletelyNovel have simplified the publishing process, so that you can achieve professional results for your book for a low price.

  • We offer a painless publishing process, which doesn’t require you to have specialist design or technical skills.
  • You don’t need to download any software or pay upfront to start publishing on CompletelyNovel.
  • Due to our unique subscription model, authors earn more publishing on CompletelyNovel.

On this page we offer a step by step guide to the CompletelyNovel print-on-demand publishing process, so that you can decide if it is right for you.

If you’d like to know more about publishing an eBook on CompletelyNovel, please see our CN eBook advice page.

Start by select a publishing plan

Decide which publishing plan you would like to choose. Not sure which plan is for you? Take our quiz. As well as offering a Free Plan, you can select from our Publishing Plus or Publishing Pro Plans. If you change your mind later, you can switch plans at any time without a problem. You can find out more about how you can earn more money on CompletelyNovel, on our price comparison page.

Create a new book project
You can start creating books from your Portfolio. You can find this by clicking on the Home tab. If you already have books on CompletelyNovel, you’ll see a list of them here. If not, click ‘Create a Book’ and fill in the boxes with your title and blurb, then click to ‘Create and Publish’.

Set your printing options
Start by choosing which size you would like your book to be. We recommend Demy for fiction, and Crown for non-fiction. Then, select the right printer for you. Both our printers offer very high quality books at the same price, but you might want to look at where they deliver to decide which one is for you.

Upload your manuscript
Now it’s time to upload your manuscript. You can upload it as a Word document or a PDF and we will make sure that it is print-ready. Want to know how to set up your book? See our advice on formatting and typesetting, or we offer services to help you, if needed.

Create a cover
We make it easy to make your cover using our online Cover Creator. If you prefer, you can upload your own PDF, and we offer full instructions for your designer if you’d like to do it this way. We offer advice on how to make your cover look professional in our advice hub.

Use our CompletelyNovel Cover Creator
You can add images and text into the Cover Creator and drag them around to create the cover that you want. You can design the front, spine and back and we will make sure that it is the right size and format for the printers.

Decide on a price
On CompletelyNovel you get to decide the price of your book. You also get to keep the whole royalty (the difference between the sale price and the cost to produce the book). Our handy calculator will help you work out what you will earn from each book at different retail prices.

Publish your book
You then have the chance to check through your manuscript, cover and book information to make sure that it looks the way you want it to. When you are happy, click ‘Publish’.
Start publishing now!

Manage your book information, sales and distribution

Once you have created your book, you have the opportunity to use a host of tools on CompletelyNovel to manage its distribution, promotion and sales. You can monitor the book’s performance, make changes to its bibliographic data and amend things later if you need to. Here is a quick tour of the book management section.

Manage your book’s metadata
You can alter and update the bibliographic information from the book’s individual ‘Manage’ page. More information on metadata.

Order proof copies
Ensure your book is up to scratch by buying proof copies at cost price to read through. You can also buy copies to share with others who are going to preview it before you make it public.

Manage your distribution
Ready to send your book out into the world? We’ll let you keep it private until you’re ready. Then you can push it out onto CompletelyNovel own platform and other retailers. You can find out more about CompletelyNovel’s book distribution channels, here.

Marketing your book

Promote your book
We believe in empowering authors to market books smartly and successfully, so we give you a range of tools to do this.

Take advantage of access to embed codes, links and advice to promote your book across the web.

You can also find loads of information on ways to promote your book on our advice pages.
This includes advice on:

  • Why promoting your book is important
  • Who is your audience and how can you reach them
  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Using social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Generating publicity for your book

Want to have a look at how other people are doing it?
Take a look at the books being published by other authors on CompletelyNovel. If you have any questions, just let us know by filling in the Contact Us form.

For more essential publishing tips:

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Questions about publishing?

We offer expert services for writers who would like some extra help and guidance.

  • Cover Design Consultation for just £35/$55

  • Professional typesetting from £35/$55

    Whatever your question – our friendly team are here to help.

What makes us CompletelyNovel?

  1. We use technology to make things simpler: We provide simple tools so you can create professional books and distribute them all over the world within days.
  2. We believe that long-term contracts and large upfront fees are rubbish: There are no long-term lock-ins when you’re using CompletelyNovel: if you sign up for a service, you can cancel at any time.
  3. Our publishing subscriptions: We’ve pioneered a different way to self-publish, using low-cost subscriptions that allow authors to keep 100% of book royalties.
  4. Personal customer service: If you’ve got a problem, we’ll solve it. In fact we’ll solve it and then some.
  5. We actively hunt for opportunities for our authors: Behind the scenes, we meet with partners, literary agents and traditional publishers, and organise unique opportunities and events for CompletelyNovel authors.