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Welcome to the Readers' Cafe

Have a browse of the titles below. You’ll find that you can read lots of books online… and you can also keep track of the books you are reading by adding them to your CompletelyNovel Library. We’ve got great stories from new writers being pumped in from the Publishing Hub next door. You could be the first to discover the next Harry Potter! We welcome reviews of all our books so please check out our tips on how to become a top literary critic.

The most talked about books this week

Tips on reviewing

Be honest, otherwise there’s no real point… but remember that someone poured their heart into the book, so be kind too! Review different elements of the book: the storyline, the language, character development etc. Or for non-fiction, the structure and use of diagrams. Try to be as specific as you can in your criticism. It’s much more helpful to potential readers and the author if you can say what exactly you liked or disliked, and why. Say which books that you think are good examples of this genre, and say why so that people know where your opinions are coming from. If your review was aimed to give the writers some pointers, and they edit their manuscript accordingly, follow up and let them know whether their editing worked.