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About me is red dirt road, from the border with Vietnam – Cambodia about 21 km. The last months of the year is the best time in the West when the overflow water, bring richness and fertility of this land. The fields are full of water, the river is full of silt, mangrove forest and blue to create a unique picture of gentleness. With an area of ​​approximately 850 hectares, Tra Su is flooded forests typical of the region west of the Hau River with most of melaleuca trees here are over 10 years old. In addition it is also the habitat of many rare plant and animal species. If the season known to the West that have never tasted fish hotpot flexible cork cotton, you have not felt the full here. The fresh fish parts carry the fat, soft bones rum season known only in combination with yellow cork cotton nursery, cool bar makes a delicious gourmet cuisine, characterized nutritious and West. Travel machine boat, rowing boat displacement into melaleuca forest, enjoy pure nature, peace and enjoy the rustic dishes, charming the countryside is an unforgettable experience for anyone to mangrove forests Tea Teacher, An Giang. Sapphire blue sky, indigo forest and patches of green duckweed sealed gives visitors a sense of cool, want to enjoy yourself in nature. With beautiful simplicity and harmony, Tra Su became the scene of a typical beauty southwest. Time in October, 11 in Tra Su is time to put on his best shirt. Sitting on a boat to enter the forest, you will be surprised by the beauty of this place. Rowing boat will go slowly enough for you to feel the natural tranquility, watching the birds perched on the mangrove trees, intermingled with dark blue indigo bypass the ancient dust, frequently into the forest to make up a picture Western peace, freshness. Melaleuca roadside trees above the water surface to form the “country road” crooked, winding, green color. The “river fat” began denser along the way to the forest birds. Go deep in this forest is the habitat of birds such as storks, cork shower, bat horse … Leaving chaos of life, people enjoy a peaceful, romantic scene, watching, listening birds chirping, breathing the fresh air, drop your hands to feel the cool stream. Looks peaceful and rustic scenery along with the breadth and speed of the logistics people here make those long days visit will not miss any time or not.

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