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Theresa Fowler had always been the fat girl. Fat as a child at school. Fat as an adult. And partly because she believed she was ‘big boned’. She lived an unhealthy lifestyle of poor eating, sedentary work, late nights, heavy drinking and smoking up to 60 cigarettes a day. But after several years of suffering from recurring health problems, at the age of 43, she found guidance that helped her to change her poor eating habits, and Theresa began ­losing weight. In a BIG way.

Now just a few years later, and almost into her fifth decade, Theresa is the lightest, healthiest and strongest she’s ever been. Her life’s purpose is to help other ­overweight and obese ­individuals ­reverse their poor health, so that they too can live with improved ­self-confidence and wellness. In Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop BEING Fat, she reveals the mistruths and propaganda you think you know about so-called healthy food, the ­reasons why you’ve ­previously found it hard to lose weight, as well as how you can easily take back control of your own health by following her ­Sizedrop Natural Weight Loss ­Solution 42 Days to a New You food plan.

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