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There are many things to consider before buying a children’s hoverboard such as buying from reputable manufactures with UL certificate to make sure safety, safety age of the kid, is it legal to ride a hoverboard, etc. The ideal age for kids to start leaning riding hoverboards. Some kids can learn riding hoverboard since they were 5 to 6 years old. It is important to follow the recommended age from the guidelines of manufactures since this is the vehicle and some can go very fast, it would be dangerous if the kid cannot handle. Children’s weight How much should a child weigh when they start to ride hoverboard can be the considerable question. There is a maximum or minimum weight for riding a hoverboard. Each hoverboard has the maximum weight capacity, but not all of it has the minimum weight, you can check the product description to know. Actually, the typical range of the maximum load for the hoverboard is around 120 to 330 lbs, around 55 to 150 kg.

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