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I grew up in the karst topography of western Virginia where my fascination for geology and caves flourished. My interest in the subject was fueled by a year of geology study in college. I earned two A.A.& S. degrees in the New River Valley of Virginia and my B.A. in Communication Arts at Bluefield College in Bluefield, VA. It was during the mid-1990s while I worked in adult literacy at a regional library that I began to write the story of a young geologist who would become Madison Terrence. Working in sea of books was a powerful catalyst for my writing. I am the mother of three and grandmother of six. I love to run and ride my mountain bike here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. When I’m not in Virginia, I travel with my husband, Jim, exploring the United States and going on safari in Africa.

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    S. R. R. Colvin posted a message to Bryony Allen I enjoy this site, but sadly I don't have enough spare time to get on here like would prefer. and received+3
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    Bryony Allen posted a message to S. R. R. Colvin Welcome to CN, nice to see more people from the US joining this great UK site. Bryony and bagged+3
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    Find me at: www.completelynovel.com/s-r-rcolvin

    My Website: http://srrcolvin.blog...

    Interests Mountain Biking, African Travel, Grandkids, running, writing, and reading


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