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Rebeka Rain is a writer: a singer: a creator of songs: a talker to animals and a self-professed dreamer. Born in Truro, Cornwall, in a year that she will not divulge, she was abducted, (willingly) by aliens and taken to Australia when she was six, where she grew up in the far north of Queensland. Her love of animals and the excitement of adventure led her to embark on a successful career in the thoroughbred racing industry as a jockey and a trainer. The exit of her son from this mortal plane led her to expand her horizons and seek more of what life had to offer. In an effort to find inspiration and to inspire others to follow sometimes, seemingly impossible dreams, she began to share her views and insights, writing songs, poetry and novels. She stands for fairness and compassion and against injustice and bullying. If she feels she doesn’t fit into the boxes society has laid out for her, she cuts them up and makes them different shapes, and sometimes they still don’t fit. She accepts that she is a little crazy but accredits this to her survival.

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