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I’m just an ordinary guy who through circumstances has had four careers – farming, aviation, international transport and until recently, translation. This has taught me a lot about various interacting parts of society and cultures. I now know that our basic interests are the same – we wish the best for our families and ourselves – but we have to bow to the customs and usages of the country where we live. I think it is very useful to read or re-read books or their translations written a hundred or more years ago to realize that language has changed but people have not. I love reading Russian, French and of course English authors of that time to which I would now add Italian (think of Buzzati, more modern) and some North African writers. But good thrillers like John Grisham’s are more than worthwhile (read them all!) where there is never a dull phrase -amazing. Could go on and on but won’t. Just keep reading anything and everything you find interesting.

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    Philip Hill posted a message to Jessica Barrah Hi, Jessica. I want to temporarily stop my payments via Payoneer to your establishment. There is...Hi, Jessica. I want to temporarily stop my payments via Payoneer to your establishment. There is no reaction to my publication, probably because it did not hold enough interest for the public and any way my wife died 10 weeks ago so life is a bit hard. I am working on another book that should be better and when it is finished I shall renew my subscriptions. Could you please stop my payments or tell me exactly how to do it. Thanks a lot. Very kind regards. Philip Hill (more) and gained+3
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