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Hi I’ve just pressed the publish button on my book ‘Gender Bender and other underdog stories.’ I’m very excited. The book contains three tales about different underdogs in life. I like to think it’s funny and stresses good moral codes. Gender Bender, is a tale of three mates, one happens to be a cross dresser, one approves, one certainly doesn’t. Is it a beautiful game? Is all about a youth football team. Some of the coaches and parents are a little over the top to say the least. Surely its about fun and enjoying the game, not egos and bullying? Ruby Soho, a punk at school, bullied for being different. Every dog has his day or so the say! I build things for a living, have done for a long time. I cycled Route 66 in America for charity in 2013. I sing in Ska-punk band SKo-mAds I presented ‘Wake Up With Kevee’ on local radio I enjoy life and new challenges.

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