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Physicality . Slim . Hair colour black but thinking of going white . Viewpoint Liberal Language English lets all speak the language of love . Not So much a “Man” kind . as Humane Being . Buddhist non fanatical vegetarian . love animals but couldn’t eat a whole one! Looking for a life companion who’s kind & creative with an interest in yoga, spiritual philosophy and such things for wonderful stimulating conversation. Personal interests: Listening to music . being in nature . meeting friends relaxing and lazing about . stimulating conversation and interpersonal physical interactions. Laser Picture Studios LTD Jan 1979 to Jan 1989 Built and ran Laser Picture Studio Holograms in Sunninghill Berkshire UK. Shiva Photonics Lightshow Jan 1983 to Jan 2007 Did light-shows for other bands and some Epic events during this period (mid80’s) including Nik Turners Inner City Unit, Hawkwind, The Tibetan Tent all night cafe venue at Stonehenge Festival, Glastonbury festival stage2 area and especially regularly for Dr and the Medics and Christian Paris’s Alice in Wonderland club, their Psychedelic film festivals and Magical Mystery Tours.

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Interests Enlightenment, Entheogens, and ecology


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