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    Why is the barcode and ISBN displayed incorrectly on my cover?
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    Sarah Juckes
    Jim Geekie posted a message to Sarah Juckes hi Sarah Thanks for your prompt response. I have copied below what I would like on the back cov...hi Sarah Thanks for your prompt response. I have copied below what I would like on the back cover. I would like the text to be 'justified', not centred. When I go into cover creator, it looks like I would like it to look. But once I come out of cover creator, it reverts to the earlier content and layout. I'm also not 100% sure that my manuscript was correctly uploaded, as I received several error messages (despite the fact that I'd previously uploaded the same Word document with no problem. If you can confirm my m/s is indeed uploaded that would be great. Thanks, Jim Below = text for back page. Arriving in Cairo the day before the revolution erupted was not the smoothest of beginnings for a planned overland trip following the Nile through Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. In January 2011, Jim Geekie, along with his son Jerome, set off on a journey that ended up being more eventful than they could have imagined. The travelogue begins with Jim and Jerome finding themselves unwittingly immersed in the events centred around Tahrir Square, Cairo in the midst of the Arab Spring. This provides a rare first person account of the Egyptian uprising from the perspective of the traveller. When they finally manage to get out of Cairo, their journey progresses at a more tranquil pace, following the path of the Nile to Khartoum and eventually to its source in Ethiopia. In Search of Abdul Gassim invites the reader to join the author as he explores East Africa looking for a world he once knew but which – like the author – has undergone significant changes in the past 25 years. Returning to Africa having lived there in the 1980s, the author is eager to revisit places of great significance in his development and as part of that process he hopes to track down a long-lost close personal friend, Abdul Gassim. Despite the exotic backdrop, the focus of the narrative is on person rather than place, with the emphasis being on the day to day encounters the author has with local people (and occasionally fellow travellers) in parts of the world often considered out of bounds to tourists. While acknowledging, even celebrating, the diversity between people, the author seeks to find the common human experience that binds us all together, whatever cultural, geographical or religious differences may exist. Geekie reflects on psychological and philosophical aspects of the experience of travelling, musing on the nature of self and the challenge we all face in reconciling the selves of our youths with the selves we have become. In Search of Abdul Gassim is a travel book that recognises that travel involves exploration not only of the outer world, but also the internal world of the traveller. As well as being an experienced traveller, Jim Geekie is a practising clinical psychologist specialising in psychosis, making him well-placed to comment to bring a psychological perspective to the experience of travel. Jim’s previous publications include ‘Making Sense of Madness’ and ‘Experiencing Psychosis’, both published by Routledge as part of the ISPS book series. (more) and gained+3
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