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The offensive and defensive phases For this first theme, we asked AF5 to explain to us the tricks to move from an amateur level to a professional level on the offensive phases. FIFA 18 Mobile Coins Finish the galleys to score a goal, thank him. What to do: "For me, everything is played in midfield The key is to make a lot of passes with calls (. L1 + X on PS4, Xbox LB + A) This is important. ( L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox ), and you have to be careful not to hesitate to protect the ball back to the game ( L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox ) and wait for calls from teammates. " What you should not do: " When you start, you tend FIFA Mobile Coins Hack 18 to accelerate all the time. When you play online, you realize that many players do not know how to let go of the accelerator ( R2 on PS4, RT on FIFA 16, the dribbles and the hooks were easily passed in. In FIFA 18 it is finished, it is necessary to really favor the tiki-taka Barcelona.

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