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Hello! I’m a freelance (non-fiction) writer, dabble in short story writing and aspire to be a TV scriptwriter.

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    Liz Lockhart
    Visitor posted a message to Liz Lockhart Hi Heidi, thanks for taking the chance to read Last Street. I think the structure was the one thi...Hi Heidi, thanks for taking the chance to read Last Street. I think the structure was the one thing I was most concerned about. It probably would be best to combine some of the chapters and make it flow a little bit better. I'm not sure exactly how to go about it just yet, but if you have an more suggestions I'd be interested in hearing them. Cheers. (more) and received+3
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    Last Street
    Liz Lockhart reviewed Last Street, Compelling, yet somewhat disjointed , and received+10
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    Dining on Stones
    Liz Lockhart added "Dining on Stones" by Iain Sinclair and gained+3
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    Snobs: a novel
    Liz Lockhart added "Snobs: a novel" by Julian Fellowes and gained+3
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    The Biographer's Tale
  • Liz Lockhart
    Liz Lockhart gave Fingersmith 4 stars and earned+5
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    Neverwhere: The Author's Preferred Text
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    Interests the nineteenth century, life-writing, writing, theatre, herbal tea, vintage fashion dolls, word games, shoes, journalism, art history, drawing, organic/vegetarian cookery, gender, the development of the novel, and exercise


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