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Arra Lindemann

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About me

I am a 29 year old poet. I have just published my first book on this site which is called Talking of Nature and Other Subjects. I love animals, I love hunting and fishing too. Poetry was a hobby but when my poems started to sell well I decided to put my best and most popular poems together to make an anthology that I can sell to people from around the world.

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  • Arra Lindemann
    Talking of Nature and Other Subjects
    Arra Lindemann reviewed Talking of Nature and Other Subjects, I wrote this book so I can't be boastful or arrogant about my own work , and earned+10
  • Arra Lindemann
    Talking of Nature and Other Subjects
  • Arra Lindemann
  • Arra Lindemann
    Library books
    Cirque Du Freak Boxed Set #3
  • Arra Lindemann
    Arra Lindemann joined CompletelyNovel.
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    Find me at:

    My Website: http://arrajanelindem...

    Interests horse riding, learning foreign languages, and playing game consoles like Playstations etc


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