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  • Catch-22

    Classic read for history buffs

    A hot serving of awesomeness for anyone's bookshelf. Do not feel dissuaded if the book doesn't grip you immediately because Joseph Heller is a master of sneaky pacing. Yes for the first 200 or so pages the book feels like rolling a boulder uphills but you will get it eventually. In case you are interested in the subjects broached by the author, you may want to take a look at essay writing topics kindly provided by academic writers. You may need those for either your academic or personal development. In any case, Catch 22 is a brilliant book and everyone would be richer after consuming it in its entirety.

  • The Google Story

    Brilliant book for tech afficionados and sceptics alike

    The author provides a panoramic view of arguably the most successful company in the tech industry. He draws on his extensive experience in the company and always backs up his points with vivid examples. It's definitely a must read for all tech enthusiasts out there!


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