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Hello. My name is David, and I like reading. Well, of course I do, otherwise I’d hardly have joined this site. However, I also enjoy talking and writing about books — I have my own book blog, ‘Follow the Thread’, as well as writing reviews elsewhere — which is another reason for signing up here. What do I like reading? All sorts of books. I’m not just saying that: sometimes I wonder whether my reading tastes are too eclectic for my own good — but, really, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Please feel free to visit my blog (http://davidhblog.wordpress.com) or follow me on Twitter (@David_Heb).

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  • David Hebblethwaite
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    Yellow Blue Tibia: A Novel
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    Find me at: www.completelynovel.com/davidhebblethwaite

    My Website: http://davidhblog.wor...

    Interests reading, writing, music, and Film


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