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Where to begin? I have always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a child and can’t remember a time where I haven’t wanted a book in my hand. I did a degree in English and Drama at Roehampton University and ended up doing a PGCE at the Cambridge University, Homerton College after which I embarked on a career in teaching. I’ve been doing this ever since. I read excessively, all sorts of novels by different authors; my favorites are Ian Rankin, Ruth Rendell and Daphne du Maurier but I’m always finding others. That said, writing is a passion for me and I really enjoy the creative release it can give. “Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector” was published in 2006 with UK Independent publisher Pneuma Springs (you can read the first few chapters for nothing here on CN). I now also write to appeal to the darker side of the teenage/young adult mind. My second work titled OTOLI for Young Adult readers went through redraft here on CN with the help of readers feedback. This book was published by Pneuma Springs on 28th April 2011. I’m now researching and writing for other projects for both Adult and Young Adult readerships. I look forward to touching base with you all.

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    Bryony Allen posted a message Hi all, I will be uploading some excerpts of Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector to the site as...Hi all, I will be uploading some excerpts of Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector to the site as a book streamer in the very near future. The first chapter is available on Amazon look inside but I will be sharing a lot more here. (more) and earned+3
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    The Da Vinci Code
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    Bryony Allen posted I have used the same site you mentioned Colin (in fact I'm sure of it). You read the work of othe... in Getting an Agent/Publisher and received+5
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    Jamaica Inn
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    Not in the Flesh
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    Hide And Seek
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    Knots And Crosses
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    Interests reading, writing, going to old Felixstowe beach, and Johnny Depp!


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