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Writers: Sara Wilcox

  • Kate Jackson

    A great read for all ages

    Although written with a young teen audience in mind, the story will appeal to readers of all ages. The first part of the book sets the scene well as we get to know Spuggy and her friendship group. Their characters are vividly brought to life through their everyday goings on, and the (sometimes humorous observations) of the ups and downs of school life. As you read on, this seemingly typical teenage tale starts to develop into an intriguing mystery. As the plots unfolds we journey with Spuggy as she puts the pieces together – it’s refreshing to have the story told through the eyes of a strong young female protagonist, who is endearing and easy to identify with. It’s a pacey read that keeps you guessing until the very last pages. Your interest is held in the relationships between the characters, and you find yourself willing them to uncover the truth before it’s too late. A great and easily accessible read!