author blog awards : promote your blog

Using your networks

Here are some networks you might want to use to let people know about the Author Blog Awards – don’t forget to include a link to vote! – this one will do nicely
You might also want to remind everyone that there are hundreds of books that could be won by anyone who nominates a blog – there are more details on our prizes page

If you are signed up to Facebook then you can use your status update to let people know that they can vote for you in the Author Blog Awards
If you are a member of any reading or writing groups, you could pop a message on their message board or in a discussion thread.
Do you have a fan page or group of your own? Make sure you tell your fans and members about the Author Blog Awards.
You could also add your blog feed to Facebook. You can easily add your blog to the ‘Notes’ section of your fan page. Find the ‘import from an external blog’ setting at the side of the ‘Notes’ tab and add your RSS URL.

Don’t forget to let your followers on Twitter know that the Author Blog Awards are happening right now, and they have a limited time to nominate you. Give them a link to your blog, and the nominations page too (you can use this shortened URL:

Other tips for Twitter…
URL Shorteners
You can use a free service like to shorten URLs so that they don’t take up so many characters. The nice thing about is that it tracks the number of clicks on each shortened link, so you can get an idea of the kinds of tweets that seem to work best.

Automatically tweet your blog posts
You can use services like Twitterfeed to link the RSS feed of your blog to your twitter account so that when you publish a new post on your blog, it is automatically tweeted.

Use a Twitter Client
You can use applications such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to help you make your tweeting more effective. They also help you to keep track of who’s mentioning your name, or a topic that you are interested in as you can view lots of searches at a time. (Some also let you post status updates directly to Facebook and LinkedIn too)

Use your LinkedIn Profile
You can post status updates here to let your contacts know about your blog as well as posting in any groups you might be a member of. If you haven’t got a profile already we recommend you take a look.
LinkedIn is a place for a professional profile. You can fill in an online CV and build up a network of your professional contacts.
Don’t forget to add a link to your blog on your LinkedIn profile page.

Don’t forget the Forums
You might be a member of a readers’ or writers’ forum. If you have some contacts on those forums, or find a relevant thread then you could let the other forum users know about the Author Blog Awards and of course, add a link to your blog at the bottom of your post.
Here are a few that might be worth checking out: Goodreads Shelfari, Absolute Write, and YouWriteOn.

Complete your Profile

Once you sign up to CompletelyNovel you can add in a few more details about yourself and add a link to your blog so that people in the CompletelyNovel community will be able to hop over and have a look.
You can also upload a sample of your work to be displayed on the website using our BookStreamer (this is our ‘youtube for books’ and enables people to read your book but not download or copy the work. )

Sending out emails

You may well have built up a fair number of email addresses from people who are interested in your books.
If you have already put together mailing list and send out a regular newsletter then that’s great – you can rally those troops by mentioning your blog and the need for nominations in that.

If you have a smaller list, and would like to send an email to a group of people listed as contacts in your email account, then remember to put the recipients’ names in the BCC field so that you don’t share private email addresses.

If you would like to send out customized emails, and you have Microsoft Office, then you might like to play with the Mail Merge function in Outlook. That way you can send a very similar email to many people, but customise certain fields such as their name, company, or their address.

Setting up a mailing list
If you would like to offer readers of your blog the option of signing up to a mailing list, then there are plenty of plugins available if you are using a common blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger

Add a badge to your blog

To help promote your favourite blog, you could put a badge of support on your website. Go on…give them a hand!

All you need to do is copy and paste the embed code below into your website or blog and the badge (above) will appear:

Embed Code

WordPress users may find that they need this plain html badge:

To add a personal message suggesting which website to nominate and how you can use the link below. Before using please replace the text in capitals. You can then add it to your site or news feeds. It is a good idea to place this near the blog award badge if you have it.

Sample personal message: Please nominate me in the Author Blog Awards, thanks!

Tips on social networking

Here are (in our opinion) the most important rules to follow when it comes to using social networking in a promotional/marketing context:

Always follow the rules – check to see if the admins of certain groups or forums say that you should post about certain topics in certain places. If you follow the rules, then your post won’t be removed unnecessarily.

Make sure it’s relevant – if what you are saying is not relevant to the rest of the group then people are likely to get annoyed, and also it’s a waste of your time as no one will pay much attention.

Avoid excessive self-promotion – see above. Try and link your posts to something that is of more general interest (not just about you) and people are more likely to take an interest in you too.

Apply the ‘Would you say this to someone’s face?’ test – that usually rules out anything too inappropriate or spammy! If you wouldn’t say it in a conversation, then think twice about posting it in a forum.