News room: 'Why I self-published', by CompletelyNovel author, Tony Robinson OBE

'Why I self-published', by CompletelyNovel author, Tony Robinson OBE by Sarah Juckes

Publishing is changing, and more and more authors are now choosing to self-publish their books. To find out why, we asked a CompletelyNovel author who has done just that to tell us more about his path to publication. Tony Robinson OBE is an entrepreneur who has been awarded multiple awards for his services to enterprise, including an OBE and the IAB Lifetime Contribution to Enterprise Award. His book, ‘Freedom From Bosses Forever’, was published using CompletelyNovel last month.

Why I’d rather ‘Zag’ to the Publishing Industry’s ‘Zig’

The success of my digital marketing campaign for my bestselling eBook Freedom from Bosses Forever, made it possible to recently publish a print edition through CompletelyNovel. However, the first decision was to self-publish, despite having an agent who sells to the major publishers for my genre. The second decision was to choose Completely Novel to self-publish with.

This second decision was easy. My fabulously talented VA, Jo, who owns and runs the Writer’s Block Admin Services, recommended CompletelyNovel to me. This article is about the first decision and 3 reasons I decided to self-publish.

1. Continuous marketing

Like many business owners, the books I write are part of my own brand that I need to be marketing continuously. The credibility from a well-reviewed book being promoted daily in the mainstream media, social media and book sales platforms is essential to me developing new prospective clients.

The credibility from my name as author leads to appointments for client work , media/sector influence and speaking engagements. Freedom from Bosses Forever is the very best of the seven books I have written.

It has sold well as an eBook with our own digital marketing effort and I want it marketed until the day I die. My experience of mainstream publishers is that they are poor at continuous marketing. I’m better off doing it myself. (Ooh and I’ll read Completely Novel’s Marketing Guide too!).

2. Publishers don’t like ‘unique’

My biggest-selling books through conventional publishers have always been formulaic. One small book on ‘job hunting’ sold 20,000 copies. However, I’m of an age where I want to zag where others zig. Freedom from Bosses Forever has been termed ‘unique’ and I like that. It combines non-fiction and fiction in a book about small business ownership.

The book includes practical advice to start up and succeed in your own micro enterprise with a humorous and satirical investigation by the mythical author. It can be read as a book even if you’re not currently running, or are about to run a business. No publisher wants a practical ‘be your own boss’ book that has readers ‘snorting with laughter’. But I did, and readers love it.

3. I love enterprise

I have never earned as much in my own enterprises as I did in my corporate, professional life, possibly as a number of my own enterprises have been social/charitable. However, in 28 years I’ve never once regretted the decision to control my own destiny rather than put my time and earning potential in the hands of a large organisation.

The major publishers with their ‘closed shop’ distribution and media deals are just like working for someone else. I will still happily write to order from a major publisher, but with something I’m passionate about, I’d rather publish myself and collaborate with other micro enterprise owners to make it successful.

I’ve got a high profile social media presence, great friends and fellow biz owners to work with. Between them they are brilliant at design, formatting, web design, e-commerce, public relations and e-marketing.

CompletelyNovel are a small, owner-run business too and have joined the global, free-to-join Enterprise Rockers self-help community I co-founded. Together, this team is the rockingest in the land to ensure Freedom from Bosses Forever is a global best seller – and we’ll have fun doing it!

Check out ‘Freedom From Bosses Forever’ on CompletelyNovel, here.

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