News room: What is an author brand strategy and why should I have one?

What is an author brand strategy and why should I have one? by Adriana Bielkova

Your author brand is determined by several factors, including your writing voice, personality and the way you communicate visually on your website and social media profiles. Although you may think that branding is an odd concept to work with in publishing as it sounds like it would be more suited to a board meeting at Coca Cola, it is actually used by the most successful authors today. A strong author brand can drive audiences to buy and read books. If you would like to reach a wider audience, establish your name and generate more sales, you should invest some time in developing the strategy for your personal author brand.

Your author brand is something you need to work on consistently, but the effort pays off. Here is our 6 point strategy you can use to create a strong author brand:

1. Spend time pinpointing your target audience.

You cannot please and target all the readers in the world. Instead, think strategically about the audience you can appeal to. We have more information on how to pinpoint your target readers in our advice centre, here.

2. Research successful authors in your genre.

What works for them? Which approaches have they used? Take a note of everything, from the colours used on their website to how much they communicate with their audience on social media. Don’t copy, but get inspired!

3. Develop a voice.

What is your personality and how is it reflected in your writing? Is this the type of voice your audience wants to hear? A good exercise to try is to note down all of the products and brands your target audience might enjoy, and then try to imitate their ‘copy’ style. For example, Aussie hair products have a very different tone of voice to Head and Shoulders, which one would appeal to your readers?

4. What media channels work for you?

Are you the type of author that prefers to meet their readers online, or offline? Are you aloof, or do you like to get involved with discussions? Think about your habits and gear your branding outlets, such as social media, live readings and website design, accordingly. Instead of trying to master all online platforms, choose few that have the biggest potential for you and use them well.

5. Think about the details.

When creating your brand strategy, don’t forget the finer details. For example, think about the colours you’d want to use and be consistent with them, from your website to your business cards. For instance, red is seen as a colour of action, whereas purple suggests royalty and dignity.

6. Don’t give up if you don’t see results immediately.

Building your author brand takes time, but the results are worth it!

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