News room: The Bumper Book Marketing Round-Up

The Bumper Book Marketing Round-Up by Jessica Barrah

Over the years we’ve written lots of articles about marketing your book – so instead of saying the same things over again, we’ve gathered together the advice into a big marketing round-up.

Starting Off

Before you start your marketing campaign, you need to identify who you’re hoping will actually buy your book. This article helps you to identify your target audience, and decide on your best strategies.

Read ‘How to Start Book Marketing’ here.

Book Launches and Signing Sessions

Having a book launch is a great idea – if only to celebrate the fact that you’ve made it, you’ve finally got your book out there! But when you’re planning the entirely launch yourself, there are some great tips to make sure your book signing goes with a swing.

Read 3 top tips here.

Selling Your Book At Events

A book launch is only the start of your marketing campaign. There are book festivals, talks at local libraries, conferences, book groups, clubs, and many other opportunities that you could take advantage of. This is especially the case if your book has a recognisable ‘hook’ – for example, if it’s a book about sailing, or cycling, or being a single parent, or starting your own business then there are ready made communities that you could link up with. Many authors find it a great way to directly sell their books – making a face-to-face connection with their readers.

Find out the best way to sell your books.

Online Marketing

You won’t only be selling your book to people you already know, or meet face to face. Your book is accessible to readers world wide – that’s a huge potential audience. As a self-publishing author you won’t have the budget for the kind of marketing campaigns that larger publishers can sometimes afford. But these days it’s a lot easier to create a buzz about your book using the power of social media.

Read about the free tools you can use for marketing your book online.

Learn about other strategies for pricing and planning special offers here.

Get Creative

You may not have the skills of a graphic designer, but there are tools out there that can help you market your book in a professional manner.

How about making a 3D image of your book, before you even get a print copy?

We’ve done the hard work for you, by making four free book marketing templates, for mailing lists and more.

We hope this marketing article round-up has been helpful. Do share any top tips that you have found particularly useful with us!

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