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CompletelyNovel Author Spotlight: SC Richmond  by Jessica Barrah

CompletelyNovel Author Stephanie Richmond has just published her third novel After the Light, After the Love with us. Here, she shares her experiences, and gives some great tips for other authors who are interested in self-publishing their work.

First Steps

I was a late comer to writing, but a few years ago I decided it was time to finally realise a dream and become an author. I gave myself a minimum of a year to write the first book and still to this day I have no idea where the inspiration for it came from. I also work full time so I never managed to get a writing regime together! I would write when I was not busy and in the evenings. I tried the morning writing routine but soon discovered that mornings are for waking up, not writing.

First Draft

I enjoyed writing the first draft of the book, creating and not really worrying about what I wrote, allowing the characters to come to life and do whatever they wanted to do. I carried my notebook everywhere with me and wherever I was, I was ready to scribble notes down. I expected to dread the rewriting/editing phase but it turned out that it was an enjoyable part of the process, It was time consuming but worth every minute. I loved the whole process and from there I was hooked. A while later I decided to publish my book as a gift to myself, as I had one of those milestone birthdays looming. From there I have never looked back and now I find writing is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

Self-Publishing With CompletelyNovel

I then realised I had no idea where to turn next with my writing. That was when after a lot of internet searches and speaking to other authors I decided to avoid the mainstream publishing route and use a new fresh company called ‘Completely Novel’.

With all the information that was available and the help I got from them my first novel The Community was born, and it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it was going to be. In fact the whole process was so painless that I went on to write a further two novels with their help. I’m no graphic designer and used their help with the cover design. It really took the pain away from the one thing that I was dreading. Now I am continuing to write and planning another novel for next year and the rest as they say is history.

The Importance of Marketing

The most difficult part of being an indie author for me is the promotion! The only advice I can offer is it’s never too early to start promoting your work. I realised I needed to blog and I needed to get savvy with social media. Now I have just released my third book and it’s taken that long to build up a following, I just wish I had started earlier. So if you’re just starting out do yourself a favour and start building your online presence now! The tried and tested sites are still the best so Twitter and Facebook are a must for a new author.

Promotional Videos

There are lots of tools out there to get you noticed – you could even make videos. I did, and it opened up a whole new area for my promotions. There’s lots of free video sites, where you can upload your video or stream your photographs and upload it to Youtube.

You can see mine here.

It’s really is very easy to do, and it’s another string to your bow. There are always new ways of promoting coming along, so try everything. The only limitations to what you can do is what you’re prepared to do. In addition to social media I had posters and leaflets printed, if anyone showed any interest in reading I would without hesitation get a leaflet and thrust it at them telling them about my new book. Never miss an opportunity.

The Alex Price Series

The three books in the Alex Price series so far (there will be more…) follow Alex, a local journalist, through her career and some of the hurdles she has to get over to get the story when the odds are stacked against her. There’s mystery, crime, travel, family and love all involved in her story.

Winter’s coming and it’s time to start preparing your reading lists for those nights when you’re curled up on the sofa, or to get them in for Christmas. Meet Alex and get to know her, I’m sure you’ll like her.

You can buy the books from CompletelyNovel here:

The Community

Pictures of Deceit

After the Light, After the Love

I’d love it if you’d like to stop by my website where all the information about my work is.

There is also an experimental free story available there which is a collaboration with another writer which will build chapter by chapter. Come over and take a look.

If you would like three book bundle or signed copies of any of the above titles please contact me at There’s still plenty of time to order before Christmas!

Contact Stephanie on Facebook and Twitter and read her blog here.

If you’d like to be featured in our CompletelyNovel Author Spotlight, then do get in contact by emailing us at

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