News room: How to conjure up 247 minutes for your book this Christmas

How to conjure up 247 minutes for your book this Christmas by Sarah Juckes

Christmas is a time for eating your body weight in mince pies, drinking until you find your Aunt Betty interesting and having a good old snooze in your favourite armchair, right?

Wrong! Christmas is ACTUAL TIME you have all to yourself to spend on the one thing we know you are passionate about over all other things – writing. There are three whole public holidays between now and back-to-work time. In this time, you can reinvent your Christmas and turn your manuscript into a beautiful paperback for FREE. It’s all about substitution! Here’s how:

In the time it takes to watch the repeat of ‘Home Alone’ again, you could be…

…Reading through our free advice section. ‘Home Alone’ is 103 minutes (plus adverts!) that you could be using to equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to create an awesome looking book. It’s all free and available 24/7. Read it! (You can have Home Alone in the background if you want, it is a cracking film…)

In the time it takes to wait for your family to get dressed on Christmas morning, you could be…

…Signing up to a CompletelyNovel Free Plan. This is as quick as putting on your new Christmas socks (47 seconds, if you include time to locate the tag-removal scissors). You just click ‘Free’ here, sign up with your email address, and BOOM – you now have access to all our book creator software for free! At the end of it, you can even print off copies of your book at print-price.

In the time it takes to do the family post-Christmas-lunch walk everybody dreads, you could…

…Typeset your manuscript. Turning your double-spaced A4 manuscript into a professional book is surprisingly fun and definitely something to be done with celebratory mince pies. Just download our free typesetting guide and follow the steps in Microsoft Word. By the time the rest of your family is back, dripping wet from the rainstorm (64 minutes later), your ‘bad ankle’ is mysteriously better and you have a print-ready file. Nice one.

In the time you spend be queuing up in the Boxing Day sales, you could…

…Create a cover for your book with our free cover creator. Scouting out awesome cover images is way more fun than scouting out non-soiled sale items (57 minutes). Upload images and add text until you have an awesome cover that’s ready to go to print.

In the time it takes to get over the New Year’s Eve hangover, you could be…

…Checking through your book one last time and then ordering a proof copy at print-price. Okay, this is probably going to take far less time than getting over a hangover of New Year’s Eve proportions (23 minutes, rather than 23 hours), so perhaps you can have one or two glasses the night before…

The result? A week later, when the rest of the world is experiencing the January blues, you’re celebrating seeing your writing as a quality print book, perhaps even for the first time. Even better, your book is now ready and waiting to be officially published and sent to a whole world of readers.

Now that’s how to do Christmas.

Have a happy 2015, everyone! Let’s make this year ‘the’ year. Click here to get started.

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