News room: Changes to print prices 2016 - FAQ

Changes to print prices 2016 - FAQ by Sarah Juckes

In this article, we answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding recent printer and distributor price changes, including why prices are increasing, what it means for your book and what your options are.

Why has there been a price change?

CompletelyNovel relies on third party printers and distributors to print books and deliver these to readers all over the world. Recently, we were contacted by these printers to say that they are increasing prices, as well as changing the price bands that certain sizes fall into.

The CompletelyNovel has been working closely with the printers to keep these prices as low as possible and we are very pleased to continue to be able to offer competitively priced printing to all our authors, without compromising on the professional quality we are known for.

What books have been particularly affected by these price changes?

These changes will affect Crown sizes and short books more so than others.

As you may know, CompletelyNovel offers two sizes to authors: Demy (a standard paperback size) and Crown (a larger book, particularly good for non-fiction).

Previously, both Demy and Crown sizes were classified as ‘small’ books by the printers, meaning they were cheaper to produce. These changes mean that our Crown size is now classified by the printers as a ‘large’ book, which are a little more expensive to print.

The printers have also tried to make it more economical to print a standard book (one over 48 pages long). This does mean however that the price of a book under 48 pages long is now more expensive than it was previously.

How do I find out my new print price?

CompletelyNovel has now updated our website with the latest pricing figures and made a few small changes to the way these are displayed in your book creator. You can find your new print price in the ‘Pricing’ section of your book creator, and use our calculator to see how this affects your royalties.

To find the the ‘Pricing’ section of your creator:

  1. Go to your portfolio.
  2. Click on ‘Manage Book’
  3. To to tab 1 – ‘Content’
  4. Click the ‘Enter Book Creator’ button
  5. Go to the ‘Pricing’ tab

Can you give an example of a price change?

Author 1 published a 160 page Demy book in January 2016, which at the time cost £2.30 to produce.

With these new print prices in place, Author 1 can see in his calculator that his book now costs £2.55 to produce – meaning that it now costs 25p more to print a book than before.

I’m not happy with my new print price, what can I do?

If you would like to lower your print price so that can raise the amount of royalties you get when a copy of your book is sold, or so that it is cheaper to buy copies of the book yourself, then you have a couple of options:

Option 1: Increase the price of your book

Adding an extra £1 or $1 to your book price is the quickest and easiest option to increase your royalty amount.

To do this:

1. Use our pricing calculator to enter a new retail price (see the instructions above on how to find this.)

2. Confirm these changes by going to the ‘Confirmation’ page of the book creator, scrolling all the way to the bottom and clicking ‘Finish Book Creator’. This will automatically update your book price on CompletelyNovel.

3. Email the team at letting us know your new price.

4. All new retail prices will be made live by the distributors on 28th August 2016. These will then appear on Amazon and other retailers in the following two weeks.

You can find advice on pricing your book, here.

Option 2: Alter the size of your book

This new pricing structure mainly affects Crown book sizes. If this applies to your book, then please feel free to contact us for help changing your book size, if you feel that this is the best option for you. We will be happy to help you upload new files, or resize them as needed. Email for assistance.

Option 3: Buy copies of your own book in quantities of 50 or more

We understand that buying large quantities of your book for events can get expensive, so we’ve introduced a 5% discount on all orders over 50. Simply add 50 copies of your book to your cart and the 5% discount will be added automatically.

Can I make other changes to my book if I change my retail price?

If you want to update your cover or manuscript, you are welcome to do this at the same time you update your retail price. However, please bear in mind that you will still need to buy a distributor revision credit at £39.99 to upload new files with the distributors.

Do I need to do anything else?

No. This article and the email we have sent all our authors is for information only and doesn’t require you to do anything, unless you would like to change the price or contents of your book with this in mind.

In very rare cases, these price changes might have affected some books so that the margin between the print price (the price it costs to physically print the book) and the retail price (the price the book is sold to customers) is too small. In these cases, our team will contact you individually to help you increase the retail price of your book.

Where can I find help?

Of course, these changes don’t affect our commitment to excellent customer service and our team is on hand to answer your questions. During this busy period, we do ask that you give us three business days to answer your enquiry, but know that we are working to answer all emails as quickly as possible. You can reach us on

Have any other prices on CompletelyNovel changed?

No – it’s still only £7.99/$11.99 per month to publish two books with us and we still take zero commission from your book royalties. As we don’t charge any upfront fees to publish with us either, we continue to be one of the most cost-effective professional routes to publication around – and we plan to stay that way.

Thank you for your support and understanding with these pricing changes. We hope that this information is clear and useful to you and hope that your books continue to go from strength to strength!

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