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One Big Book Launch Authors Announced! by Sarah Juckes

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the very first One Big Book Launch. The submissions we received were of a really high quality, and we are really pleased to announce the names and titles of the 10 authors chosen for the event below.

Two Egmont titles, fiction from No Exit Press, and poetry/plays from the outstanding Sabrina Mahfouz, join five self-published titles, and New Adult fiction from an award-winning Cookery Writer in her 70s.

The mix of genres, target readership, and publishers in this line-up makes for a really eclectic and exciting evening of celebrations! Tickets are still available from the Free Word Centre, here. What’s more, we are really excited to see titles from big name publishers such as Egmont, Bloomsbury, and No Exit Press join self-published titles to share celebrations and publicity. Books were chosen for this event on quality of writing and marketability, and we are proud to see three CompletelyNovel authors on this list with them.

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One Big Book Launch Confirmed Authors, 2014

Catherine Bruton – I Predict A Riot
Contemporary fiction. Egmont.

Gritty, contemporary, hard-hitting, heart-breaking fiction inspired by the 2011 riots.

It’s been a year since everything happened, but I still have bad dreams. Dreams of me and Tokes and Little Pea, racing through burning streets on the night the city was in flames …

Welcome to Coronation Road – a kaleidoscope of clashing cultures and parallel lives. There’s Maggie and her politician mum in their big house. There’s Tokes and his mum in a tiny bedsit, running from trouble. And there’s the ruthless Starfish gang, breeding fear throughout the neighbourhood.

Amateur film-maker Maggie prefers to watch life through the lens of her camera. In Tokes, she finds a great subject for her new film. And when violence erupts, led by the Starfish gang, Maggie has the perfect backdrop. But as the world explodes around her, Maggie can’t hide behind the lens any more…

Explosive drama, perfect for fans of Meg Rosoff and Annabel Pitcher.

J. Paul Henderson – Last Bus to Coffeeville
Commercial literary fiction. No Exit Press.

A poignant, uplifting and charming story that promises to be one of the break-out books of 2014. It won’t let you down…

For fans of ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ and ‘The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’.

Nancy Skidmore has Alzheimer’s and her oldest friend Eugene Chaney III once more a purpose in life – to end hers. When the moment for Gene to take Nancy to her desired death in Coffeeville arrives, she is unexpectedly admitted to the secure unit of a nursing home and he calls upon his two remaining friends to help break her out: one a disgraced weatherman in the throes of a midlife crisis and the other officially dead for forty years.

On a tour bus once stolen from Paul McCartney, Nancy and Gene are joined by a colourful cast of characters as they career through a landscape of war, communism, religion and racism and along the way discover the true meaning of love, family, and, most important of all, friendship.

Charming, uplifting and profoundly moving, ‘Last Bus to Coffeeville’ is a chronicle of lives that have jumped the tracks; a tale of endings and new beginnings; a funny story about sad things.

Atulya K Bingham – Ayşe’s Trail
Literary fiction based in Turkey. CompletelyNovel title.

Ayşe, a 38-year-old mother from Istanbul, decides to tackle the Lycian Way in southern Turkey. Based on the true story of Ayşe Metin.

Ayşe, a 38-year-old mother from Istanbul, decides to tackle the Lycian Way in southern Turkey. She has never camped alone before. As she strikes out into Lycia’s ancient forests, she is on a quest to leave behind the past. But the Lycian Way is steeped in memories. Unknown to Ayşe, as she clambers over the precipices of the Mediterranean coast and through its lost cities, she is walking in someone else’s footsteps. 2500 years earlier, when Lycia was an independent state and worshipped the Goddess Leto, the Persian general Harpagos was stomping along the very same road in a bid to take over the ancient world. As Ayşe continues her lone, meandering odyssey of self-discovery, her troubled youth in Istanbul re-emerges. But she’s not the only one to remember. Unknown to most, the legends of old still haunt Lycia. Her stories call out to the walkers and shepherds as they climb over her timeless skin. Because time is not what we think it is. The past is never over. And a map can only ever tell so much of what a trail is all about.

Based on the true story of Ayşe Metin.

Sabrina Mahfouz – The Clean Collection
Poetry, plays. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

A dynamic collection of three of Sabrina Mahfouz’s pieces for the theatre, published alongside a selection of her poetry.

Zainab, Chloe and Katya, London’s best ‘clean’ criminals and perpetrators of victimless crime, are forced together in an unlikely trio. This feisty trio soon become the unlikely action heroes of an adventure left to men. A short play commissioned by the Traverse Theatre, 2012, Clean was part of the A Play, A Pie & A Pint Season at Òran Mor, Glasgow and The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

Dry Ice
A critically acclaimed solo show about a young stripper, which was produced at by the Underbelly (Edinburgh) and the Bush Theatre (London), and directed by David Schwimmer. It played at the Contact (Manchester), the Southbank Centre (London) and the Bush (London) as part of Madani Youni’s debut season in 2012.

One Hour Only
An ‘upmarket brothel’. It’s Forensic Biology student Marley’s first night at her new job and AJ, twenty-one, good-looking and intelligent, is her unexpected first client. One Hour Only formed part of the Old Vic New Voices’ first ever Edinburgh Season at the Underbelly in association with IdeasTap.

Tracy Elner – Blue Eye
Thriller fiction. CompletelyNovel title.

Set against the backdrop of the world’s oldest lake, Blue Eye is a fast moving conspiracy thriller addressing some of the burning issues of our time and a gripping journey of transformation for its hero, Scott Carty.

London-based derivatives trader, Scott Carty, doesn’t give any weight to the inexplicable dreams he’s been having. That is until his mercurial boss, Arthur D’albo, summarily dispatches him to an energy conference in Kazakhstan along with a curious instruction to deliver a locked briefcase.

Soon enough, the dreams’ premonitions begin to resonate with an alarming clarity as he becomes entangled with the beautiful Lena Isotova and uncovers D’albo’s sinister business, lubricating the wheels of a covert, Cold War energy technology.

It’s a secret that carries a deadly price and, targeted by ruthless killers, he’s forced to flee with Lena’s mysterious friends into the Siberian forest around the shores of Lake Baikal. There, he is awakened to the mystical nature of reality and the staggering truth about the technology’s potential threat to the global economic order.

Meanwhile, back in London, Carty is a wanted man but everyone believes he’s been killed in Russia; everyone but the intelligence agencies. What do they really know about this enigma and why is Carty’s survival so important to them?

Simon Fairbanks – The Sheriff
Fantasy novella. Self-Published.
A fantasy novella popular with young adult fantasy fans, although the content is suitable for all ages, written by Fairbanks, a respected member of the Birmingham Writers’ Group since 2011.

The Sheriffs wander the clouds to keep the peace across Nephos. Sheriff Denebola is recruited by young Toby to help rid his village of a winged demon. The demon has tormented the people of Angel’s Keep every night for the past week so Denebola vows to capture the creature. However, the demon is not the only shadow cast over Angel’s Keep. There is the strict priest, Father Osmond, who detests all magic. There is Gideon, a man with wings, claiming to be an angel sent by the Lord. And there is also the matter of the Red Witch, who threatened the village five years before the demon’s arrival.
 Denebola soon finds himself caught up in a mystery where angels, demons, heroes and villains are not all that they seem.

Angie Morgan – Shouty Arthur
Large format children’s picture book. Egmont.

This hilarious, energetic and quirky book is the first in a series from Angie Morgan. It will have parents and children alike laughing from start to finish.

“We haven’t see any wildlife yet, Edith!” shouted Arthur.

“That’s because you’re too shouty,” said Edith. “You promised to be quiet.”

“Being quiet is very hard,” said Arthur.

Shouty Arthur is the LOUDEST and MOST SHOUTIEST boy alive. He wants to go wildlife watching with his sister Edith, but he can’t understand why the animals are nowhere to be seen.

This hilarious, energetic and quirky book is the first in a series from Angie Morgan. It will have parents and children alike laughing from start to finish.

David Zen – Jiāo Yì (交易): The Deal
Business suspense fiction. CompletelyNovel title.
With high-stakes investment, and the perils and victories of entrepreneurship, this début novel explores the risks of corruption in cross-border investment deals, in a changing modern China.

It is 2009, the depths of the global financial crisis. Jasmine Liu and April Wang are on opposite sides of an investment deal which they know simply as jiāo yì (交易), “the deal”. Jasmine is from China, but working in Los Angeles after business school. April is from a Chinese family but has grown up in the United States, and is working in Shanghai for a Property Company, owned by her uncle.

Julia Johnston – If Everyone Knew Every Plant And Tree
YA crossover fiction. Self-Published.

A beautifully written, emotionally-charged and yet funny crossover novel by exciting new author, Julia Johnston. “Rarely does a writer depict characters, capture teenage banter, and create mood so brilliantly.”

Ollie is drowning. No one notices.

Oliver Campbell, fourteen, fanciful and funny in equal measure, struggles to unravel the knots of emotion when his little sister, Lily, falls gravely ill with a mysterious disease. Irritating and puzzling to his two older half-brothers, neglected by his self-absorbed mum and dad, and unfalleninlovewith by Poppy Teasdale, he longs to be something more than invisible.

Quirky Kamal doesn’t think it’s weird that Ollie, his best friend, is fascinated by words and plants; he knows what it’s like to be different and to be bullied; he coaches him on love, and how to clinch his dream-girl; he tickles him with his high-falutin language and aspirations; he impresses him with his fortitude despite a tragic past; he is there when his life takes a terrible turn; he is loyal to the end.

Ollie’s two special people throw him life jackets, but will they be enough to save him…?

Judy Jackson – Sextet
A contemporary story of music and deceit. Marsons Books.

Respected food writer, Judy Jackson, at over seventy, has written a book for twenty-somethings. Sextet explores the fallout from a brief extramarital affair and shows how it has shattered six people’s lives.

Two strangers meet in a hospital, unaware that their lives are inextricably linked. Tom Fielding is waiting for news of his wife, the victim of a road accident. Joseph Maggiore is silent, blaming himself for the crisis that engulfed his world and led to his wife lying unconscious in Intensive Care. When tragedy strikes, both men are left to confront painful reality. Tom evaluates his marriage to the fragile and elegant Sophie. Joseph has neglected Carla in his pursuit of fame as a concert pianist.

As their lives unravel, Tom seeks justice from the authorities, and Joseph learns a truth that rocks the foundation of his being. Joseph’s agent Richard and an innocent child are enmeshed in the fallout from unforeseen discoveries.

Sextet follows Joseph and Tom on a journey through grief and recovery. The drama of betrayal and deception is played out against a background of piano music and hotel bedrooms. The facade of harmony is torn away and from six shattered lives, hope emerges.

Celebrate with us at the One Big Book Launch, at The Free Word Centre on 30th April 2014. Click here to reserve your ticket.

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