News room: One Big Book Launch 2015 - authors announced!

One Big Book Launch 2015 - authors announced! by Sarah Juckes

After months of preparation and anticipation, we are pleased to announce the winners of the One Big Book Launch 2015!

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted their books to the launch this year. We were inundated with inspirational entries in all sorts of genres, from authors publishing traditionally and independently. We are however, so pleased to be able to announce the ten authors confirmed for the One Big Book Launch on June 3rd.

Find out more about the books and the authors included in the launch below.

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One Big Book Launch Confirmed Authors, 2015

Eve Makis – The Spice Box Letters
Contemporary fiction. Sandstone Press.

A beautifully-written tale of love and loss in the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Katerina inherits a scented spice box after her grandmother Mariam dies. It contains letters and a diary, written in Armenian. As she pieces together her family story, Katerina learns that Mariam’s childhood was shattered by the Armenian tragedy of 1915. Exiled from her home in Turkey and separated from her beloved brother, Mariam’s life was marred by grief and the loss of her first love. Dissatisfied and restless, Katerina tries to find resolution in her own life as she completes Mariam’s story – on a journey that takes her across Cyprus and then half a world away to New York. Miracles, it seems, can happen – for those trapped by the past, and for Katerina herself.

“Eve Makis’ poetic and humane vision of life turns tragedy into comedy.” – Waterstones Magazine

Long-listed for the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered prize 2015.

Steve Tasane – Nobody Saw No One
Young Adult. Walker.

A spirited urban adventure set against the backdrop of a troubled care system.

Contemporary London – a gang of shoplifters up Seven Sisters Rd, snatching smartphones and stealing identities… a ‘family’ of boys long ago lost in the system. Angel-faced Alfi Spar has fled the Tenderness Residential Unit and finds himself on the streets, until his old mate from the home, Citizen Digit, offers him a roof. But their past at Tenderness House is not ready to release them; the boys saw something nobody should see, and the badness is coming after them.

Steve Tasane has a talent for transforming social issues into pacy teen novels brought to life by darkly humorous urban British characters and buzzing with the energy of the streets. His debut novel, Blood Donors, was selected as one of the top 50 Diverse Voices in children’s books.

“Like being blasted in the face with a water cannon – Absolutely vivid” – Emily Drabble, Guardian Children’s Books Site

Daphne Kapsali – 100 Days of Solitude
Travel fiction/memoir. CompletelyNovel title.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Daphne spends 100 days of solitude on the remote Greek island of Sifnos.

How far do you need to go to find yourself? What do you have to give up?

Daphne gave up her life in London to spend 100 days of solitude on the remote Greek island of Sifnos, off season, and pursue her dream of writing full-time. This book is her story, as personal as it is universal, of the most obvious and most fundamental quest of all: to be happy, to do what you love.

Part memoir, part fiction, part philosophy and part travel writing, 100 days of Solitude is a collection of one hundred stories, all of them connected and each one self-contained. One hundred essays on choosing uncertainty over security, change over convenience, seeing things for what they truly are, and being surprised by yourself; on love, loss, death and donkeys; on reaching for your dreams, finding enlightenment on a rural road, peeing in public, and locking yourself out of the house; on dangerous herbs, friendly farmers, flying Bentleys and existential cats; and on what it feels like to live in a small, isolated island community, to live as a writer who actually writes, and to live as your true, authentic self, no matter who that turns out to be. And to write your own story, the way you want it told; to find your voice, and the courage to let it be heard.

Diana Morgan-Hill – Love & Justice
Memoir. Blackbird Digital.

A first-hand account of a life-changing accident and return to success amidst a fierce legal battle with an uncaring corporate giant.

At the age of 29, Diana Hill fell under a London train. In 7 seconds the tall, glamorous businesswoman went from busy woman of the world with everything to live for to double-leg-amputee, her life in ruins. Then it got worse. A few days after her accident, as she lay in hospital, traumatised and heavily sedated, she learnt via a newspaper article that the railway’s Transport Police were to interview “The Fall Girl”, as the Press had labelled her, with a view to prosecution. She had boarded a moving train, they said, and trespassed onto their railway line. Her fight for justice took five years and was, she declares with no hesitation, a more harrowing experience than having both of her legs ‘stolen’ from her.

The issues surrounding sexuality and disability are explored here with stark honesty as she recalls her complicated love life, the High Court dramas, and the rawness of her pain amidst a turmoil of emotion, all told with tremendous humour, charm and heart.

Tom Evans – New Magic for a New Era
Non-fiction. CompletelyNovel title.

A practical, personal development title on how to live a ‘charmed’ life.

A manual for how to live a charmed life

New Magic for a New Era is a personal development book with a difference. Many books in this genre tell of an author’s journey through some adversity or trial towards enlightenment. This book describes an easier way. It’s this author’s 11th book and the first where he shares some of his life story. He started life in a relatively poor family but has continually landed on his feet. As an engineer, he has reverse engineered how he did it so you can too.

If you want more money in your life, the book explains how to make it flow your way. If you’re short of time, you can learn how to create as much as you need. There are chapters too on love, well being and healing. All in all, it’s a manual for how to live a charmed life. As the first chapter explains, there’s no need to go to hell and back unless you want to.

The author started his professional life as a BBC broadcast engineer working with the magic of television. He shares here how to use the magic of your mind to create a world beyond your wildest dreams.

“Moving and beautifully engineered,” one reader said.

Janet Denny – The Man on the Mantlepiece
Non-fiction. Self-Published.
The story of Janet’s quest to find Jim, the father who was lost the day before her birth in 1943.

In 2008, Janet rediscovers the diary her father began as an eighteen-year-old Londoner as World War Two was declared. A left-wing pacifist with literary ambitions, he writes of his promise to German friends never to do anything to harm them or their country. After a month of following the course of the war, and his involvement with the Peace Pledge Union, his diary ceases. Two years later, he begins another journal. He has now volunteered for RAF Bomber Command.

Seven decades later Janet has a mystery to solve. Why did he change his mind? Using research, family memories and imagination she gives voice to those two years.

In his diaries, Janet believes she has found the essence of the father she had only known as a photograph on the mantelpiece. At least, she has found the young man who never saw her. Who knows what he might have become had he lived?

‘Meticulously researched and beautifully constructed, with an imagination expertly deployed to fill in the gaps between the facts.’ – BLAKE MORRISON, author of And When Did You Last See Your Father?

Andrew Symeou – Extradited
Memoir. Biteback Publishing.

The true story of a young Londoner who is framed for murder in Greece and sent back there to face prison on remand.

Eighteen-year-old Andrew Symeou travels to Greek island Zante to celebrate the end of exams with friends. While there, another British boy is punched in a different nightclub and tragically dies two days later.

Andrew is arrested at his north London home by British police with an EAW. He is wanted for murder.

Despite never having been questioned by police and publicly protesting his innocence, Andrew is thrown into a Greek prison with hardened criminals. He spends almost a year awaiting trial in truly horrific conditions, encountering violence, drugs, racism and rioting – the most extreme of which he witnesses in the infamous Korydallos Prison.

In 2011, Andrew is acquitted as the Greek police’s case unravels. Extradited is the honest, moving, yet witty account of Andrew’s incredible fight for justice

Amanda Epe – A Fly Girl
Travel memoir. CompletelyNovel title.
Fascinating insight to the highs and lows of a former BA cabin crew

Meticulously documented personal adventures, social structures and political history throughout daring and exciting expeditions. Tales from the America’s, Arabia, Asia and Africa, the narrative is fuelled with race, gender and sexuality as the author walks through hip hop history to terrain vibrations and eruptions. The author exposes her relation to addictions, alcohol, air rage and the life of the jet set, highlighting the history of British Airways at forty.

Poignant stories that portray the complications of humanity; others that are alarming, amusing and vivid and manifest the nature of humankind, as well as the author’s battle with self esteem, national identity, and the idea of beauty for women in an image conscious world.

Nicola Mortimer – Adventures to Have Before…
Children’s picture book. Self-Published.

A beautifully illustrated story of a young boy who makes a bucket list of all the things he would like to do before a certain age.

Join the adventures of Harry, who one day decides to write a list of everything he wants to do. Harry’s mind runs wild, imagining brushing a dinosaurs teeth, teaching lions to juggle and baking cakes with pirates…

It’s a world where anything can happen!

Andrew Lowe – The Ghost
Contemporary Fiction. Matador.

A dark psychological thriller about a troubled film journalist, menaced by an old acquaintance harbouring a murderous grudge.

How deep would you dig to keep your secret buried?

Dorian Cook is a jaded film critic, haunted by a horrific act of violence that defined his impoverished childhood.Only Dorian and two old school friends know what happened – and who was to blame. But now, thirty-five years later, someone is sending them threatening messages – someone who seems to know the truth. As Dorian’s past invades his present, he is forced to step out of the shadows, protect his family and fight for his life.

Amazon reviews have said:

“A terrific thriller with a twisted flourish”

“Impossible to put down”

“Keeps you guessing right until the very end”

Reserve Runner Up

Special mention goes to CompletelyNovel author, Sarah Honeysett who is the reserve runner up. Well done Sarah!

Celebrate with us at the One Big Book Launch, at The Free Word Centre on 3rd June 2015. Click here to reserve your ticket.

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