News room: Get Christmas Crafty with CompletelyNovel

Get Christmas Crafty with CompletelyNovel by Jessica Barrah

It’s the craftiest time of the year! Bring out your glue stick, double sided sticky tape and scissors. It’s time to go crackers…

Handmade things are all the rage these days – so why not elevate the tone of your Christmas table by making your own ‘literary’ crackers? If you’re feeling particularly crafty, here’s a link to a free Christmas cracker template.

To make the outisde of your cracker appropriately bookish, you could print out a free book image such as this selection of book pages or this shelf of vintage books.

Otherwise cover your cardboard with wrapping paper, or use discarded print outs of your previous book drafts, and the inside of toilet rolls. Save the planet one recycled joke at a time…

If you’d like your crackers to go with a ‘bang’, then here’s a link to buy your own cracker ‘snaps’.

Download the printable PDF here. or right click and save the image.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and we look forward to helping you publish more fabulous books in 2020.

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