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News room: How to Update Your Files Before Printing

How to Update Your Files Before Printing  by Jessica Barrah

Do you want to update your files before printing out copies – but can’t remember how to do it? Read our step by step guide to updating and setting your files live for printing.

How to Update Your Files Before Printing

First enter the book creator, and go to the manuscript page to upload your revised manuscript.

On the manuscript page, scroll down, then choose whether to upload a new Word document or a PDF file. As in the screenshot below, click on the icon for ‘Word’ or ‘PDF’ then scroll down again, and click on ‘Choose file’. Select your new manuscript file, then press ’Start Upload and Conversion".

If there are any problems with your file, the file won’t upload and you will see a message about this. If the page size is wrong, it will show the size it should be in millimetres for the book size you have chosen. Resize your pages and try again – or contact if you are still having problems.Remember there needs to be an even number of pages for printing. If there is an uneven amount, add a blank page at the end of your manuscript, or wherever you think it would look best, save the file, and try uploading it again.

Uploading A New Cover

If you need to upload a new cover, then either use the cover creator, or the ‘Manual Upload’ button to upload a whole PDF design. This needs to be sized to the exact measurements on the template shown on the Manual Upload page.

To get to the ‘Manual Upload’ page, scroll down on the cover creator page, and underneath ‘Start Cover Creator’ button you will see the ‘Manual Upload’ button. Pressing that takes you to the template you should use for your cover if creating it in a graphics program such as Photoshop.

Please contact if you have any problems uploading your cover.

Setting Your Files Live for Printing

After you have uploaded your new files, you NEED TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE SET LIVE.
If they are not, then your PREVIOUS files will be printed when you order books.

To set your new files live, go to the confirmation page in the book creator as above. To set the files live, you will need a book creator credit.


Please leave at least an hour after confirming your new files before ordering, and preferably order the next day to let the files update on our system. Otherwise, there is a danger that your previous files will be printed, and not your new updated ones.

We hope that these instructions will tell you everything you need to know about updating your files, but if you have any problems, just email for assistance.

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