News room: How to Knuckle Down and Actually Write Something by 2020

How to Knuckle Down and Actually Write Something by 2020 by Jessica Barrah

With a month to go until 2020, have you really done all the writing you could in the past year? The past decade? We give you four tips to either finish off your book by the New Year – ready to publish in January, or at least plan your book launch.

1. Use reverse psychology

At work, you may have many ‘work avoiding tactics’ – and when you are supposed to be writing, nothing seems more attractive than cleaning out that drawer full of random bits and pieces, and ‘really getting properly organised’. Switch it around. While you are at work, sneakily do some writing. While you are supposed to be writing, do some work emails. Leave the drawer well alone – after you’ve tidied it up, it will only get messy again.

2. Stay Hydrated – But Keep It In

Annoyingly healthy people with great skin apparently drink gallons of water a day. But it’s not just your skin that needs water – dehydration reduces your cognitive and motor skills. So keep a jug of water near to your desk. Drinking that two litres a day will make you look like a supermodel and your brain work like Einstein – but there might be a surprising additional benefit.
Apparently your brain works best when you need the toilet. Yes, it does sound strange, but this article explains more. So wait for a while* before you go – and you might figure out exactly how to insert that ingenious plot twist.

*If you actually feel you are going to wet yourself, then by all means, visit the lavatory.

3. Go Lo-fi

Turn off the internet on your computer. Turn off your phone. If you’re not constantly tempted by the many attractions of cyberspace, you’ll get a lot more work done. Better still, move to an off grid log cabin with no wifi, in a remote valley where you need to go to the top of a hill to even get a signal. Realise that you really have to look up a fact essential to your plot, hike or drive to the nearest point you can get few bars on your phone (reply to a few texts and emails, start reading the Daily Mail Online, post a few pictures of the remote valley #nature #digitaldetox #slowliving on Instagram) then get back to work after travelling five miles to the nearest shop and spending £18.99 on a pint of milk and random snacks.

4. Organise A Book Launch

This will really get you motivated. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to do it – you don’t want to kill yourself, or launch a book with eighteen pages and a ‘to be continued’ending.
Make a mock up of your cover, publicise it and invite people to the party – and not just your close friends and family. Just inviting them makes it too easy to reschedule or cancel it altogether. You need to feel the fear to get it done (unless you are an extremely organised, hard working and self-motivated person, in which case, why are you wasting your time reading this?)

If you have any tricks or tips to help motivate you to write, please do share them with our community of authors.

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