News room: 3 ways other people can help you reach your writing goals

3 ways other people can help you reach your writing goals by Sarah Juckes

We get it – sticking to New Year’s Resolutions is hard. Early January is full of good intentions such as waking up at 5am to squeeze out a thousand words before work, not drinking one single drop of booze or eating quite as much cake. But then life happens and you’re snoozing through that alarm, giving in to that glass of wine to toast your friend’s birthday and – well, the cake thing was never going to happen, was it? It’s cake.

If there is one thing we know here at CompletelyNovel though, it’s the power of team work. We love collaboration.
Yes – other people really can help you reach those writing goals. Here are three examples of how.

1. Employ someone to slap you as soon as your fingers lift from your writing keys

It may sound a little extreme, but one fellow actually put this message out on Craigslist, asking for someone to smack him as soon as he stopped being productive. We’re not sure that getting smacked in the head is the healthiest way to keep working, but we certainly admire his commitment to productivity. Nice one, Maneesh.

2. Set Justin Bieber as your alarm clock tone

That’s right – Justin Bieber can help you stick to that 5am pre-work writing schedule. Put your alarm clock/mobile phone next to your laptop on the desk and have him set to croon very loudly at 5am the next morning. This’ll either make you jump out of bed to turn him off so fast that going back to sleep will be nigh on impossible through fear of the resulting nightmares, or dance around the room and wake you up joyously in the best way possible – we’re not here to judge. Whatever gets you out of bed and working towards that goal is fine by us.

Can’t stand the thought of Justin Bieber that early in the morning? We understand. Instead, get in touch with us and organise a Skype chat with us at a more suitable time in the day. We promise not to sing and that our words will make far more sense than the vast majority of his lyrics.

3. Have your baking-mad spouse make you a cake every time you meet a target

Let’s face it – the ‘give up cake’ resolution was never going to work anyway. Let’s be wise here and use cake as the incentive it really is. Met your word count this morning? Cake. Managed to typeset your book instead of watching that re-run of Friends? Cake. Utilising the skills of the people around you for rewards is the way forward – especially if those skills involve cake.

Let’s do this thing!

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