News room: Free publishing mentorships for all new CompletelyNovel authors this summer

Free publishing mentorships for all new CompletelyNovel authors this summer by Sarah Juckes

What’s so special about summer? This is the time of year readers flock to bookshops real and online to load up cart-fulls of books ready for their summer holidays. That means MORE BOOK SALES and more people talking about their top recommendations.

Do you need another reason to get that manuscript published? Yes? Okay – we hear you.

Free publishing mentorships for all new CompletelyNovel authors this Summer

After the success of January’s ‘personal publishing training’ sessions, until 30th June we’re bringing them back to help you get that book published in time for those summer sales.

Sign up to a CompletelyNovel Plus Plan at just £7.99/$11.99 per month or £85/£130 per year and get your own publishing consultant to help you create and publish your book this year.

Your summer publishing mentor (or senior member of CompletelyNovel staff wearing a giant sun hat) can offer advice, help and motivation. Whether you need an opinion on your cover design, advice on which book size to go for, or a kick up the bum to ensure your book is out by a certain date – we’re here.

As part of this offer, your personal trainer will:

  • Organise a thirty minute one-to-one Skype chat with you to answer those burning questions and offer advice on where to start.
  • Be your personal contact throughout the book creator process, should you have any questions or need pointing in the right direction.
  • Send you a personalised motivational nudge after a month to keep you on track!

Offer available until June 30th

The CompletelyNovel team are a friendly, knowledgable lot with loads of experience helping authors around the world. To make use of this limited offer, sign up to a Plus Plan before 30th June 2015 and we’ll be in touch to organise a consultation date to suit you. We look forward to working with you to get your book in the hands of beach-going readers!

Plus Plan publishing is £7.99/$11.99 per month and enables authors to create and publish up to two books, with two ISBNs. This offer is open to new authors only, subscribing between 20th May – 30th June 2015. To find out more about CompletelyNovel and the Plus Plan, click here.

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