News room: Calling all NaNoWriMo authors - get a FREE print copy of your finished book with CompletelyNovel!

Calling all NaNoWriMo authors - get a FREE print copy of your finished book with CompletelyNovel! by Sarah Juckes

It’s November! Which means writers all over the world are sitting down to their desks and attempting to write an entire 50,000 words in a month in aid of NaNoWriMo. Social lives are ditched for the lives of characters, and coffee-fuelled nights are spent furiously typing weird and wonderful things – but at the end of it, writers have a book! A real-life book they have written… or at least, the words of a book on a computer, anyway.

To celebrate, CompletelyNovel are offering NaNoWriMo participants the chance to get a FREE, printed copy of their book that they can show off, put on their mantle or even use as an editing tool – whatever they wish. It is theirs – it is real – and it is free! We use the professional POD printers the big guys use to make sure books look as good as they should do.

To get your free copy, all you need to do is:

1. Sign up to CompletelyNovel and enter the code NANOWRIMO13 (that’s free too!)
2. Upload your manuscript and have a play with our free cover creator
3. Contact us when you’re ready and we’ll give you special instructions to order your FREE copy
4. Marvel in the glory of your own book in your hands

Why stop there? After you’ve got your copy, followed our free advice on editing to whip it into shape, and maybe even signed up to our ‘Get Your Book Fit’ course (more coming soon!) – why not upgrade to our ‘Plus’ plan and get your book out there with an ISBN number? A ‘Plus’ plan is only £7.99 a month, and allows readers all over the world to buy print copies of your book via booksellers such as Amazon, too!

To show you how it can be done, we’ve enlisted the help of some local Brighton NaNoWriMo authors who’ll be sharing their NaNo highs and lows with us in photo-form throughout November. Each author will also get a free copy of their finished book to show off. Here’s a little more about them, and how their desks look before they begin.

Sasha Distan

Sasha writes romantic fiction for men who love men, and everyone else who likes that too. Mixing the beautifully mundane with the outlandish and fantastical, Sasha generally just wants everyone to end up happy and in love, and sometimes the characters play along too.

You can find out more about Sasha’s work, here.

Charlie Etheridge-Nunn

Charlie is a fifth year NaNoWriMo veteran. It’s an amazing and scary time of year, but with a lot of caffeine and his beloved netbook, The Netronomicon, he will write anywhere he can until his fingers fall off or the coffee runs out.

Charlie’s blog collects his game reviews, comic reviews, short stories and random noise about popular culture.

Christina Stubbs (NaNo name: Sibyl)

Christina is a teacher with an MA with Honours in English, and Post Grad in Teaching. She usually writes fantasy fiction and has succeeded with NaNo 3 times (4 if you count Camp NaNo). She prefers to ‘pants’ her way through Novemeber and rarely plans the novel. If she does, she finds she stalls after week 2.

Find out how they get on later in the month. Or, sign up to our newsletter for regular updates!

For more information on publishing through CompletelyNovel, see our ‘Publish’ page.
Find out more about NaNoWriMo and how you can get involved, on the National Novel Writing Month website.

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