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Four Ways to Sell More Books by Jessica Barrah

As a self-published author with a busy work and social life, how can you fit in the time to market your book? We show you the most efficient ways to increase book sales via email marketing.

To reach the widest customer base, the internet is a really useful tool to connect with potential readers worldwide. Tell people about your book with marketing campaigns via email, newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and your own website.

In order to sell more books you need:

a) To add subscribers to your email list.
b) To increase the ‘open rate’ – i.e. the amount of people who actually open the email to read it.
c) To increase the ‘click rate’ – the amount of people clicking to buy the book, or at least to find out more about buying it.

As this article from Book Business Magazine describes, the most efficient way of getting more people to buy more books is to increase the click rate. Some of the points it makes seem more related to either eBooks or when you have stocks of printed books to sell – but the advice can still be relevant for print-on-demand books. So how can you make more people click to buy your book?

1. Price

First of all, make sure your are pricing your book at the right level. You have to make the book cheap enough to be attractive, but still cover all your costs to make a worthwhile profit. Read this article about how to price your book correctly.

Is your book available on different platforms at different prices? If you have a website, or are selling your book in person, make sure any books you are selling direct to readers offers them the lowest retail price. Without a third party retailer taking 30% of the profits, you can earn more money.

2. Scarcity

Develop a sense of urgency by telling people that they might miss out on a special offer if they don’t buy your book within a limited time. You could add a discount by reducing the price on CompletelyNovel for a specified time, then putting it back to the normal price. You do need to calculate the profit you would make on each sale with the discount to make sure that it’s worthwhile doing this.

3. Exclusivity

You can ‘corner the market’ by having a special edition of your book that people can only buy from you. You could sell a limited edition, for example of a Luxe edition where there are only a specified number of copies available from your own website. You can still sell your normal versions via Amazon and CompletelyNovel.

4. Bonuses

Use bonuses to encourage people to buy your new book, as well as tempting them to buy your other work. For example, if an older book isn’t selling well, you could add a discounted ‘bundle’ price when customers buy your new book along with older work.

Good luck with your marketing efforts – and let us know if you have any more tips!

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