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A guide to creative writing by Oliver Brooks

The good folks at Need-t0-know have published a book on creative writing. We’ve just received a press release about it due out in a few days time.

Press release:

Creative writing is for everyone, whether as a richly rewarding hobby, a means of self-discovery, a vehicle for self-expression or as a possible means of earning a living. The chances of hitting the Sunday Times best-seller list might be slim but if you’re serious about developing your talent as a creative writer, if you need ideas and tips for getting your work finished, accepted and published then Creative Writing – The Essential Guide is the book for you.

Whether you’re an established writer or a beginner, whether you see writing as a potential source of income, the road to stardom or as a personally rewarding spare-time occupation, Creative Writing – The Essential Guide will be there to help you through each and every swerve in the road throughout the course of your writing process. Author of the book and award-winning blogger, Tim Atkinson has written several non-fiction books and runs one of the UK’s most popular blogs which has featured on national radio and TV.

Creative Writing – The Essential Guide has detailed chapters that are ‘jargon-free’. Covering how to identify your writing style, reading as a writer, be your own editor and how to move towards publication and more. If you want to increase your chances of becoming an established writer, this new self-help guide is for you.

Published by Need2Know, Creative Writing – The Essential Guide will be available from March 2012 on the Need2Know website

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