News room: CompletelyNovel announce collaboration with Greene & Heaton Literary Agency

CompletelyNovel announce collaboration with Greene & Heaton Literary Agency by Jazzmine Breary

We are VERY excited to announce a new collaboration with Greene & Heaton Literary Agency that will see the best CompletelyNovel books submitted for consideration by Greene & Heaton agents – all as part of your Plus or Pro publishing plans.

We recently did a survey of CompletelyNovel writers and found that a staggering 90% of you wanted help getting the attention of a literary agent – and we listened!

For many entrepreneurial writers, self-publishing whilst simultaneously exploring more conventional routes to reaching readers, makes good business sense. Greene & Heaton is extremely forward-thinking in how it discovers new writing talent, and this is a very exciting opportunity for any writer.

This collaboration marks a new turn in self-publishing as a way for writers to get the attention of literary agents, whilst being able to test the market for their book and earn money from sales. There’s never been a better time to start self-publishing with CompletelyNovel!

Nicola Barr, agent at Greene & Heaton, said:

“We’re ever hungry for exciting new talent here at Greene & Heaton and impressed by those who take the initiative and self-publish either as a way to get their writing career off the ground or as a personal project. CompletelyNovel offers a great opportunity for emerging writers, and we’re very much looking forward to working alongside them and finding something that makes us fall off our seats with excitement and in horror that we might otherwise have missed it.”

How it works:

Each month, details of self-published titles that have received the most sales on CompletelyNovel and through retail channels, or is receiving a large amount of reviews from readers, will be sent to agents at Greene & Heaton to be considered for representation. Authors who subscribe to a CompletelyNovel Plus or Pro publishing plan, are offered the service for no extra charge.

Top book synopses, book covers and manuscripts will be sent to Greene & Heaton on a monthly basis. Top authors will receive a standard email from CompletelyNovel two days before their book details are submitted to agents, to let them know that their book will be included.

Any authors that pique the interest of a Greene & Heaton agent will then be introduced through a CN team member as part of the service.

As all authors publishing with CompletelyNovel retain full copyright to their work, you can choose the best publishing option for your book. Please note that having your book chosen for the agent list does not guarantee representation – but it does give your book a fair chance at being reviewed by a diverse list of agents actively looking to discover new writing talent.

What you need to do as a CompletelyNovel author:

Get promoting! We offer heaps of free marketing advice and tools over on our advice pages – make the most of them.

We will be letting Greene & Heaton agents know which books are receiving the most attention each month, so you can concentrate on marketing.

If you’d rather your book wasn’t submitted, please opt-out by sending your book title to

Who are Greene & Heaton?

Greene & Heaton is a highly-respected literary and media agency with a diverse range of clients. As literary agents, they work closely with authors, where necessary or desired, to help polish their proposals, to edit their texts, and to give advice about positioning in the fast-changing publishing landscape.

Authors on their list include P. D. James, Sarah Waters, Bill Bryson, Nikesh Shukla, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and Lucy Christopher – to name just a few.

The agency has also helped self-published authors find traditional publishing deals, including popular spoken word artist and poet Anthony Anaxagorou, now published by Jacaranda Books, and successful crime writer Kerry Wilkinson, now published by Pan Macmillan.

Greene & Heaton agents, and the types of writing they are looking for:

Carol Heaton has been involved with the agency continually since 1968. She worked at Penguin as their Rights Director for twelve years from 1976 to 1988, during which she acted as consultant to the agency. She returned full time to the agency in 1988, developing a list of writers working in areas of interest to her: biography, history, current affairs, travel, gardening, health – and of course fiction. Read Carol’s agent profile.

Nicola Barr joined Greene & Heaton in January 2011, and became a director two years later. She previously worked as an editor at HarperCollins, a foreign-rights agent at The Susijn Agency, and a book reviewer for the Guardian and the Observer.

Nicola is passionate about literary fiction, but also adores well-told commercial fiction including crime fiction, non-fiction including popular science, popular culture, social and cultural history, and sport, and children’s/YA literature. Also, being from northern Ireland she loves writing set or about Ireland. Nicola works closely with new clients on shaping and editing their novels and proposals and is ever on the lookout for exciting new talent. Read Nicola’s agent profile.

Judith Murray joined Greene and Heaton in 1995. Previously she worked as an editor at a number of UK publishing houses and as a talent scout for translation publishers. Judith loves literary fiction and well-written genre fiction, including thrillers, crime, historical novels and women’s fiction; and literary non-fiction including history, biography, memoirs, cookery and travel writing. Read Judith’s agent profile.

Chris Wellbelove joined Greene & Heaton in 2010 having previously worked at Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, and in editorial at Palgrave Macmillan.

He is looking for dark, quirky and accessible literary fiction, gripping, bold and original crime fiction, high-concept novels, fast-paced political thrillers and surprising psychological thrillers with everyday settings. In non-fiction he likes popular science and psychology, sport, history and politics. Chris works with Antony Topping on his client list, and is building relationships with radio and television production companies with a view to creating opportunities for new and existing clients. Read Chris’s agent profile.

Antony Topping joined the agency in 1995, having begun his professional career working as a fiction buyer for a major chain bookstore. Antony`s interests span the full breadth of the agency’s activities, from literary representation, to TV, to brand consultation. His list of writing clients includes historical thriller writers, contemporary and historical literary novelists, science writers, food writers, and humorists.

Antony is the first point of contact for inquiries about TV representation. He has a particular interest in translating ideas/people/books/brands from one medium into another. Read Antony’s agent profile.

Jamie Coleman’s client list includes Emma Chapman, Benjamin Myers, Pippatips, Ian Vince and Costa-nominated Nikesh Shukla, the start of CompletelyNovel’s Get Your Book Fit campaign. Read Jamie’s agent profile.

Claudia Young joined Greene and Heaton in 2009. She is interested in all types of writing, in particular cooking and food journalism, comedy and travel writing. Claudia loves literary fiction, contemporary as well as historical novels, crime fiction and thrillers. Read Claudia’s agent profile.

If you are not yet subscribed to a CompletelyNovel Plus or Pro-plan, click here to find out more about our publishing plans, and sign up now!

Find out what our authors think of us on our testimonials page.

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