News room: 12 Writing Competitions to Enter for Spring 2017

12 Writing Competitions to Enter for Spring 2017 by Jessica Barrah

Forget about cleaning your house this Spring – just dust off those old manuscripts and sort out your computer files. There could be a masterpiece just waiting to be tweaked to fit the competition guidelines. Or write something completely new and completely fantastic! What could be more motivational than a competition deadline?

1. Bath Novel Award

Details: A competition for unpublished or self-published novels in any genre, aimed at adults or young adults. Send the first 5,000 words plus a one-page synopsis. The judge is literary agent Laura Williams from Peters, Fraser & Dunlop.
Entry Fee: £25
Deadline: 24th April 2017
Prizes: 1st – £2,000. Runner-up – A £500 voucher from Cornerstones Literary Consultancy.

2. Ver Poets Open Competition

Details: This competitions is for poems of fewer than 30 lines, on any subject.
Entry Fee: £4 each, £10 for three, £2 for any further entries.
Deadline: 30th April 2017
Prizes: .£600, £300, £100. Selected poems will be published in an anthology.

3. Poetry on the Lake Festival Competition

Details: There are three categories in this annual contest: Silver Wyvern, for poems of up to 40 lines on the theme of ‘Metal’. Short (up to 10 lines, no theme), and Formal (up to 40 lines, no theme). Carol Ann Duffy will be judging the Silver Wyvern category, and Kevin Bailey is judging the others.
Entry Fee: Online – £10 for the first entry, £8 after that. Postal – £8 for the first entry, £6 for each further entry.
Deadline: 30th April 2017
Prizes: Silver Wyvern: 1st – Trophy and 500 euros. 2nd – 200 euros. 3rd – 100 euros. Formal and Short category winners each receive 100 euros.

4. Bath Short Story Award.

Details: This contest is for stories running to no more than 2,200 words on any subject. This year’s judge is Euan Thornycroft from literary agents A M Heath.
Entry Fee: £8
Deadline: 1st May 2017
Prizes: £1,000, £200, £100. Local Prize – £50, Acorn Award for an unpublished writer.

5. Bristol Short Story Prize

Details: The contest is for stories of up to 4,000 words on any theme.
Entry Fee: £8
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Prizes:£1,000, £700, £400. Runners-up (17) – £100. Twenty stories will be published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 10.

6. Pint-sized Plays Writing Competition

Details:This contest is for plays with a running time of between five and ten minutes, featuring just 2 or 3 characters and furniture you’d normally find in a pub.See the website for more details.
Entry Fee: £5.50
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Prizes: The six winning plays will be performed in pubs in Pembrokeshire during Tenby Festival week, and, along with four runners-up, at a script slam. The audience can vote for their favourite, and the performances will also be judged by a professional theatre director. The winner will get a ‘Pint Pot’ trophy, and the runner up, a ‘Half Pint Pot’. Winning scripts may be considered for inclusion in an anthology.

7. Poetry Competition

Details:This contest from Wunder Editions of London is for poems of any length on the theme of ‘Spring’. You can be as creative as possible with the theme.
Entry Fee: £10
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Prizes:£500 and ‘strong consideration for publication’.

8. Yeovil Literary Prize

Details: For this competition there are four categories: Short Story, Poetry, Novel and Unrestricted. Stories can be up to 2,000 words, poems should be 40 lines or less. Novels – 15,000 words for the opening chapters and synopsis. The Unrestricted category can be any length on any subject.
Entry Fee: Short Story – £7. Poetry – £7 each, £10 for two, £12 for three. Novel – £12 each. Writing Without Restrictions – £5.
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Prizes: Short Story – £500, £200, £100. Poetry – £500, £200, £100. Novel – £1,000, £250, £100. Writing Without Restrictions – £100, £50, £30. Western Gazette Best Local Writer Award for someone living in Dorset or Somerset – £100.

9. Bridport Prize

Details: A prestigious international competition from the Bridport Arts Centre. Poems should be no more than 42 lines, and Short Stories should be no more than 5,000 words. The Flash fiction category is for stories of up to 250 words.
Entry Fee: Entry Fees: Poems – £9. Short Stories – £10. Novel – £20. Flash Fiction – £8.
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Prizes: In each of the main categories (Short Stories, Poems) – £5,000, £1,000, £500. There are also ten runners-up prizes of £100.

10. The Peggy Chapman-Andrews Award

Details:This contest, nameed after one of the founders of the Bridport Prize, is for novels by writers over 16 who are resident in the UK or R.o.I and who have not had a novel published (self-published books do not count). Submit the first chapters of your story (5,000 to 8,000 words), plus a synopsis of up to 300 words.
Entry Fee: £20
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Prizes: Prizes: 1st – £1,000 plus mentoring from the Literary Consultancy (Chapter and Verse Scheme) and possible publication of the completed novel. 2nd – £500. Runners-up (3) – £100.

11. V.S. Pritchett Memorial Prize 2017

Details:An annual contest from the Royal Society of Literature for stories of between 2,000 and 4,000 words.
Entry Fee: £5
Deadline: 14th June 2017
Prizes: £1,000 and publication is RSL Review and Prospect Magazine online.

12. McLellan Poetry Competition.

Details: This competition from the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust part of the McLellan Arts Festival. It is for poems of up to 80 lines on any subject. The judge is Maura Dooley, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.
Entry Fee: £5 for the first. £4 for further entries.
Deadline: 21st June 2017
Prizes: £1000, £300, £100, and 6 prizes of £25.

Good luck, and do let us know how you get on.

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