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Hello, I’m a novelist, ghostwriter, and editor. My passion is helping interesting people write their stories. Turning a life-lived into a memoir that is worth reading is not an easy task. One must mine memory for key scenes and then weave them into a narrative with a drive toward a satisfying conclusion.

I’ve written books for CEOs, psychologists, counselors, and mothers among others. One element that stands out in all the clients I’ve worked with, is they have been on a journey of some sort. Maybe it includes travel, but usually, it is a change of thinking, of where they are in life now as compared to where they began. I’m not just thinking of success, like Phil Knight’s memoir Shoe Dog, which is an excellent example of how to write a personal success story, with compassion and vulnerability, and a dose of outsized confidence. But a journey of change, of healing, of empowerment, of escape—the examples are endless.

My reading is eclectic. My interests are many. My love of storytelling gets me up in the morning.

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    The Tender Bar
    John DeSimone reviewed The Tender Bar, One of the best coming of age stories to come out of a fatherless boy and his journey to adulthood. , and bagged+10
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    The Tender Bar
    John DeSimone gave The Tender Bar 5 stars and won+5
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    The Tender Bar
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