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About me

Hani Al-Qasem is a published author and personal growth specialist. He has written numerous articles on personal growth, and has his own products on website.

As an avid blogger, he recently stepped up and replaced his self-confidence blog with a motivation blog.

His life intention is to inspire, support and motivated adults and children to be the best that they can be, to achieve all that they want in life, so they may live life on their terms.

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  • Hani Al-Qasem
    Instant Confidence  (Book and CD)
    Hani Al-Qasem reviewed Instant Confidence (Book and CD), Powerful Cd , and bagged+10
  • Hani Al-Qasem
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    Instant Confidence  (Book and CD)
  • Hani Al-Qasem
    Instant Confidence  (Book and CD)
  • Hani Al-Qasem
    Hani Al-Qasem joined CompletelyNovel.
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