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  • Mihte's Quest

    Mihte's Quest

    Discussion: Mon Feb 16 23:12:55 +0000 2009

    “I wish my mum was here.”

    This is from my book “Mihte’s Quest: Kids in the Underworld” published by Pen Press (2008)

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  • Henri and the Alien

    Henri and the Alien

    Discussion: Mon Feb 16 23:10:03 +0000 2009

    “Henrietta really liked being called Henri. She compared her life with her friend Emily at her junior school…”

    This is from my book ‘Henri and the Alien’ (2008), published by Pen Press.

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Find me at: www.completelynovel.com/lookman1

Interests The countryside, politics, history, theatre, and jogging and philospphy


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