News room: The 10 Best London Book Fair Tips

The 10 Best London Book Fair Tips by Jessica Barrah

This year the London Book Fair is on from 14th -16th March. How can you make the best use of your time when you’re there? We give you our top ten tips for a great day out.

1. Be Comfortable.

Olympia is big. Very big. There’ll be a lot of walking around, and you’ll probably find that the events you want to see are the furthest possible distance from each other. Bring your pedometer, and smash that 10,000 steps a day goal to smithereens. Wear light layers, so you can adapt to the weather, the Tube, and the inside of the hall.

2. Be Prepared

Bring a pen, a note pad, recharge your phone, bring business cards, a copy of your book, (if it’s light), a few snacks, a bottle of water… but not so much that you cause yourself shoulder-strain just picking up your bag. You’ll be carrying it around all day!

3. Be Realistic

Yes there are a million and one things you could see – but know your own limits. You won’t be able to see everything in one day. And if you try, you won’t enjoy it so much.

4. Plan Your Day

Don’t get overwhelmed! Make the most out of your visit by studying the programme of events and maps online and deciding what you’re going to see in advance.

5. Be Spontaneous

However, your plan can just be a rough framework. It’s ok to abandon your schedule, if you unexpectedly come across something more interesting.

6. Stay Classy

The London Book Fair isn’t the place to find an agent or a publisher. Yes, there will be lots people in the publishing world in the building – but they will already have appointments pre- booked. You’ll be much better off contacting them through their preferred submissions process as specified on their website, rather than breathlessly pressing a dog-eared manuscript into their unwilling hands.

7. Visit the Author HQ

Author HQ is one of the most popular features of the Fair, especially with the self-publishing community. There will be a range of seminars, conferences and special events for authors at every stage of their careers. There’s also ‘Writers Block’, a section with companies providing publishing solutions for self-publishing authors.

8. Network

Writers, publishers, digital experts and those wanting to meet people interested in publishing will be at the Byte The Book networking event on Tuesday 14th March, from 17.30-18.20. Why not sign up here?

9. Go to the Pub

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that most of the networking is done in the pubs around Olympia. So why not end your day with a well earned drink?

10. Check Out the Indie Author Fringe

If you aren’t able to get to the Fair this year, or if you want to extend your London Book Fair experience, then from Saturday 18th March you can attend the Indie Author Fringe. It’s a free, online conference, brought to you by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). Register on the site and they’ll let you know details of their speakers, sessions, competitions and giveaways.

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