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 by Amy Feldman

There are a number of things that actually make me secretly excited to leave university at the end of each term. A bed you don

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    Anna Lewis


    28 May 09:10

    It is amazing how much influence people who are actually outside the publishing industry can have. They can do more for a book in one minute than the efforts of a sales team for a whole year it seems!

    Liz Lockhart


    31 May 15:09

    Thanks, Amy, for an enjoyable article :-)

    I agree that the level of influence wielded by TV presenters recommending books is amazing – and probably enough to make or break a particular work.

    I must credit Richard & Judy’s book club with bringing Linwood Barclay’s No Time for Goodbye to my attention. I first became aware of Donna Tartt’s writings through Newsnight’s Review show. And Radio 4’s Open Book often features some real gems.

    Amy Feldman


    07 Jun 17:03

    I must confess, despite having worked in a bookshop (and yes, my parents buying the books), I hadn’t realised quite how big a deal the book club was until it was to be no more. Will definitly be interested to see if they can do anything similar that gets as much attention, and whether they are more like Richard & Judy or the BBC’s Big Read programme from years ago and whether either works nearly as well…

    pihu jain


    27 Dec 07:26

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