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One Big Book Launch - one month on by Sarah Juckes

Can you believe that it’s already been a whole month since One Big Book Launch 2015? Time flies when you’re busy promoting your books, and that’s exactly what each of the ten winners have been doing since they launched their books together on June 3rd.

We caught up with a few of them this week to see how they’ve been getting on, and what they made of One Big Book Launch 2015.

Tom Evans

Since One Big Book Launch last month, the feet of Tom Evans, author of New Magic for a New Era, have not touched the ground.

He’s launched a series of self study courses to augment the subjects explored in the book, to fabulous early acclaim. He was a guest on Literary London on ResonanceFM talking about his book and the magical coincidence of the One Big Book Launch venue at the Free Word Centre. Believe it or not, it’s the same location from which he launched his broadcast manufacturing company over 30 years ago. He is also soon ‘crossing the pond’ to the USA to be a guest on Empowered Living Radio and AuthorsOnAir.

From July, Tom is also starting to interview all his fellow One Big Book Launch winners for his own podcast, The Zone Show

— Busy indeed!

Daphne Kapsali

Daphne’s inspirational account of writing 100 Days of Solitude on stage last month was a real highlight for a lot of the audience.

So, Daphne, how was One Big Book Launch for you?

“I loved being part of OBBL, and it was a real honour to be selected and get to meet the other authors, their friends and families and the CompletelyNovel team. One Big Book Launch has given me a much-needed nudge to keep going forward with promoting my book, and the support and solidarity between the ten authors has been invaluable. I can imagine having a reunion next year, to share success stories!” – Daphne Kapsali

— That’s one reunion not to miss..!

Amanda Epe

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Amanda, author of A Fly Girl and our catch up this week was no different.

So Amanda, what have you been up to since June 3rd?

A Fly Girl was successfully launched, books signed and sold and wonderful contacts made – the spotlight at One Big Book Launch has been inspirational. I’ll be having an author interview on Tom Evans’ The Zone Show on the 7th July and the book is now going on the Phenomenal Women Author National Book Tour starting in London at the Stephen Lawrence Centre 18th July from 2-5pm.” – Amanda Epe

— So great to hear – keep up the good work, Amanda!

As well as speaking to authors, we caught up with a few partners and friends of CompletelyNovel who made it over to the event to get their view on the evening.

Joy Francis, Executive Director. Words of Colour Productions

“The One Big Book Launch isn’t just a great idea, it’s a fabulous and encouraging event. With cost cutting in the mainstream publishing sector, having ready access to such a rich and diverse mix of 10 authors (both self published and traditionally published) is a testament to CompletelyNovel’s ability to reflect what’s happening in writing under the radar. Featuring genres ranging from children’s fiction to memoir, the stories were also eclectic, including fighting for survival after being framed for murder (Extradited) and 100 Days of Solitude, where the author left everything behind in England to write the book by getting it crowdfunded. This is modern day publishing at its most original.”

— Is it weird to want to frame this quote?

Joe, The Literary Consultancy

“The One Big Book Launch was a great success and a really unique idea. It was great not only for us as an audience to hear the story behind each book, but also for the authors themselves to send their book into the world at such a special event. The quality of each book was really high and told an inspiring story. If the quality is half as good at the next one it will be a great success!”

— Please do check out the best One Big Book Launch guest photo ever taken, starring Joe, here.

For us, One Big Book Launch seems like some distant dream. The kind of dream where you get awesome super powers and have time of your life. In the last month, we’ve welcomed more authors than ever before onto CompletelyNovel and we can’t wait to discover the next batch of great books and writers for this time next year!

Massive thank you to everyone who made One Big Book Launch what it was. Here’s to more collaboration in the publishing industry to aid discoverability. It works – and importantly – it makes for one hell of a good evening.

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