News room: How You Can Use CompletelyNovel to Keep Improving Your Writing Career

How You Can Use CompletelyNovel to Keep Improving Your Writing Career by Sarah Juckes

Its February, and this month we’re feeling the love for CompletelyNovel. Our advice focus for this month is how you can get the best from your CompletelyNovel account, and to kick it off, we have top tips on how you can keep improving your writing and your book. We love to hear CN author success stories, so we donate a lot of time to making sure you get the best opportunities possible for your book. Here are just a few of the top tips that can help to make that happen!

1) Buy a Proof copy of your book at print price, and send it out for review

CompletelyNovel allows you to buy a single copy of your book at print cost – that can be as little as 1.50 for a small book. You can use this copy to edit and improve your book, and even get several printed and sent out to friends, bloggers, or fellow writers for their feedback. You’ll be surprised what you find when working from print – it can help you see your work differently, and spot mistakes you might not have found before.

During NaNoWriMo 2013, we gave all NaNo winners the opportunity to print a free proof copy of their book. Author James Pearson printed his before publishing, and sent in a photo of himself and his printed proof, saying: “It’s brilliant to have a proof copy so I can find and sort out all the little niggles in the manuscript. And I can see how the cover will turn out to everyone else.” Looking good, James!

2) Make use of the CompletelyNovel Advice Hub

A few months ago, we reorganised our publishing advice section to include FREE advice articles on anything from how to submit to agents, to how to edit your book. Check it out if you haven’t already – there’s something for everyone.

To make sure our advice is always up-to-date, we also feature many guest posts in our newsroom from leading industry experts. You can check out our archives, or sign up to our newsletter for a bi-weekly round-up of articles, industry news and offers.

3) Review and get reviewed!

As well as being a publishing hub, CompletelyNovel also acts as a reading community, allowing readers to connect with authors, and authors to connect with each other. In the Read section of CompletelyNovel, you can check out what other authors are publishing, and discover some truly great writing. If you read something you like, why not leave a review? Apart from being a really nice thing to do for your fellow-author, its also a great way to hone your synopsis-writing skills, and start thinking critically about books (all very useful skills to have when marketing your own book!). You never know, the author might even repay the favour and leave a review for your book, too.

4) Get Your Book Fit with our tips

You might have heard that we recently teamed up with some top editors, authors and literary agents to release a unique online course packed full of tips to help you improve your writing. We created these to give our authors the chance to listen to expert advice, without needing to pay the travel expenses and entry fees needed at most writing conferences.

We’re offering all CompletelyNovel authors 50% off this course. Just sign up here with the code BookFit50, and start toning up your writing.

5) Keep writing and publishing

Published already? Don’t stop writing. There are lots of ways you can keep writing and help market your book at the same time. Apart from writing blog posts and social media updates, there are also many story-sharing websites, journals and magazines, full of readers waiting to discover new authors.

We asked Kerry Farrell Foley, managing editor of Crack the Spine literary magazine, to explain more about how authors can make use of these sites to further their writing.

The exposure that published short fiction and poetry brings you can and will build you a base audience. As the editor of a literary magazine, I’m thrilled when my contributors go on to publish successful books, or become successful after contributing to the magazine.

Engage with the editors of the journals that publish you, and you’ll likely earn yourself some free advice and maybe develop a contact who is willing to assist you in promoting your work. By getting involved with a literary journal, you are essentially harnessing their social media and borrowing their audience. More eyes find their way to your work and become enamoured with your style and voice. Simply put, you’ll sell more books and be a little closer to that ultimate bestseller goal.

Discover how other authors are doing it over on Crack The Spine.

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