News room: Give your book away for International Book Giving Day

Give your book away for International Book Giving Day by Sarah Juckes

Those of you who have books published will most probably be looking forward to a year of events to tie into your book marketing. On 14th February this year, as well as it being Valentine’s Day, it’s also International Book Giving Day, where readers around the world will be giving their favourite books away to children. This is the first of a series of book-giving events this year, and potentially a great promotional tool for your own book.

How to use book-giving days in your book marketing

Book-giving events such as this offer an entire day dedicated to reading and sharing books. They usually come with trending hashtags on Twitter, plenty of search engine hits and events all over the world. For writers, they offer a potential goldmine of readers to tap into. Here are some ideas on how you can use International Book Giving Day to market your book:

  • Give copies of your book away to book groups, on the understanding that they pass the book on again once they have read it.
  • Leave your book on public transport with a bookmark in, telling the new reader where they can leave a review.
  • Hold a book giveaway on Twitter, making use of the trending hashtags.
  • Organise an event with your local library and give some books away to the audience as prizes.
  • Encourage your previous readers who are signed up to your newsletter to give their copy away to a friend to read.

Why giveaways mean more book sales

One of the best marketing tools at your disposal is word of mouth. The more people read your book, the more conversation about the book starts to spread and the more eventual sales you will get as a result. This is the idea behind Goodreads giveaways and the hundreds of ‘win a copy’ competitions ran by publishers every day.

If you want to keep costs low, you could give away a copy of your eBook instead, but receiving a physical gift can often be more meaningful – especially if it is signed by the author.

Other book-giving days in 2015

Although International Book Giving Day is primarily for children’s books, there are plenty of other events scheduled over the year, including:

How to prepare

It’s worth buying copies of your book in bulk to have for events and days such as this. To give your book away on International Book Giving Day on February 14th, order copies of your book before midnight on Friday 6th February.

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