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Find out how to market your book by Georgina Lewis

So you’ve finished your book and you’re ready to present it to the world…now how do you make sure the world will notice?

1. The first step is to make sure your book is truly ready before marketing it. Have you edited it fully, including getting someone to cast a critical eye over it and give you their honest opinion? It needs to be in great shape when it makes its debut. Check out these hints from an author on how to approach the editing process.

2. Think about where you will find your audience and go to them if you can. This means using the connections and networks that you have plus finding any forums or groups that might be out there. This is especially important if you’re self-publishing a non-fiction book. You will also need to think about whether this audience is most likely to go for an ebook or paperback, or both. Try asking them. If you’re not sure, play it safe and cover both bases!

3. Use Facebook or Twitter, but remember that these are primarily social networks, rather than promotional platforms, so you need to behave accordingly. Our top tips on tweeting should help you get started.

4. Learn from the professionals. You may not have the same budget, but there are a few similar strategies that you can use. These include matching the cover to other similar books on the market, releasing the book at the appropriate season or tied to a relevant event. Think about what might set your book off with a bang, and possibly generate some press attention.

5. Word of mouth is the biggest influence on book buyers, so you have to start generating that. If you can, budget to be able to give some books away for free to people who are in the target audience. If you know any heavy readers who frequently recommend books to their friends, then you might want to start with them.

6. Have the blurb sorted – both written down and in your head so if someone asks you what the book is about, you can confidently give a quick summary and get them excited about it!

Thirsty for more? We have more hints and tips for you, advice from an expert and an article on how blogging can help.. Also, the BubbleCow blog offers some great advice to help you on your way.

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