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How to Design The Ideal Book Cover by Jessica Barrah

We’ve often written about the importance of eye-catching cover designs – something that really shows what your book’s all about in one glance. Brian Jens of explains general rules to keep in mind when designing the best possible cover for your book.

The Ideal Cover

Every book cover designer, author, and publisher has his own vision of the ideal cover, and that’s a potential problem. Why? Because:

a) An author sees the cover as the display of the essence of the book – they feel that they fully understand its message and meaning.

b) A publisher with its marketing department and other sales professionals see the cover from the point of view of attracting customers and increasing sales.

c) A book cover designer tries to combine the vision of the author and publisher, plus adds some visual aesthetics.

The Ideal Book Designer

Ideally, the designer should read the book and talk with the author, along with reading marketing studies and getting details of the target audience from the publisher. Taking all this into account, as well as the overall concept and current trends, the book cover designer tries to create the best cover they can.

Cover design rules

The trends of book cover design are closely connected with the trends of graphic design. However, there are some rules that you should follow:

1) The front cover should contain the book’s title, subtitle, and your name. It might also contain some brief words of praise from critics or a celebrity reader.

2) The best book cover design shows what the book is about at a glance. Use a simple design. Think of your cover like a billboard.

3) Use contrasting print on the front cover. When selecting colours, also think about how the design might look in black and white. Make sure that the header is readable at a distance and fits the theme of the book.

4) On the spine place your name, book title and the logo of a publishing house. The information must be clear, understandable and clearly visible. Bold contrasting letters work best.

5) On the back cover, in the upper left corner, you could write the book genre, to help booksellers place it in the correct section. As well as the blurb, include a maximum of three reviews, as well as a short biography, and author photo.

6) Place the price of the book in the lower left corner of the cover and the 13-digit ISBN number for the catalogue and barcode in the lower right corner.

And don’t forget to credit the book cover designer, on the cover, and on the copyright page! is a website where graphic designers can compete for your business – for creating covers, logos, and lots more.

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