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A Guide to Publishing with CompletelyNovel by Georgina Lewis

To help make publishing with CompletelyNovel easier, we’ve put together a step-by-step Guide to Publishing on CompletelyNovel for you to have on hand as you go through the publishing process with us. This should be especially helpful for CompletelyNovel users who are completely new to self-publishing and for those who are less confident with the world of technology (there’s no need to be afraid anymore!). It will also give you a better idea of what to expect from us how long things take, so that you know if things are on track.

There is a link to the publishing guide on your portfolio page. You can view it, print it out or download it and stick it on your desktop by right clicking on it and selecting ‘save link/target as’.

It’s also worth checking out our pages with hints and tips on self-publishing, including on typesetting and cover design.

We hope that all this information is useful, but if you still find that you’re stuck, check out the help and qustions section where you can search previous questions or ask your own, which will be answered by expert CompletelyNovel users. You can also use the questions section to let us know if you have any comments or particular tips for other CN users.

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    Yan de Faux


    25 Apr 21:35

    ~ Thankyou for doing this… a great nelp!

    Sharif George


    01 May 20:44

    Awesome – I am soooooo lost!!!

    Where do I find a telephone number . . . . .

    Sharif George


    01 May 20:55

    hah haaaaa – Cracked it ;-) guide is great!!

    David L Atkinson

    David L

    12 Sep 13:01

    Great info – thanks!

    Gene Ladnier


    22 Nov 20:41

    I’m still lost!

    Oliver Brooks


    22 Nov 20:54

    Gene said: I'm still lost!

    Hi Gene,

    The guide might be getting a little out of date now. I’ll do a new one soon, in the mean time you could ask a question in our questions area if it hasn’t been answered already. A link to this is on the left hand edge of every screen.

    This is a high level overview of the process:

    1. Select a publishing plan from the publish section
    2. Go to your portfolio (click my home > My Portfolio)
    3. Create a new book
    4. You will see a guide to publishing the book. This will guide you to the book creator (setup → manuscript → cover → pricing → publishing) and then through setting up distribution.


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