News room: Introducing our free guide to typesetting

Introducing our free guide to typesetting by Sarah Juckes

Typesetting is a crucial part of the book design process that you can’t afford to overlook. That’s why we’ve created a free, step-by-step guide to typesetting and uploading your manuscript to CompletelyNovel, which can be downloaded as a PDF, here. Below, we explain a little more about how it can help you create beautiful books.

Why we’ve created a step-by-step guide to typesetting

CompletelyNovel aims to make publishing your book as easy as possible. You can upload your Microsoft Word manuscript and our software converts it into a print-ready file. We’ve recently had a number of authors asking us for more detailed information on how to professionally typeset their manuscripts so that they fit in with the books from traditional publishers that their audience will be used to seeing. You can pay others to do this for you and we’re happy to help anyone who is having trouble. The nice thing about typesetting however, is that it is something that many of you have the tools to do at home. You might find that this is an element of self-publishing that you can create professionally yourself if you’ve got a bit of time to learn some tricks of the trade.

What our typesetting guide includes

We’ve collated all the information on our advice pages and added step-by-step instructions to create this typesetting manual. This can be downloaded for free right here or from the manuscript stage within the CompletelyNovel book creator itself. The link will take you to a shared PDF with detailed instructions on:

  • Changing your page size
  • Changing your margin size
  • Adding page numbers
  • Using the correct line-spacing
  • A quick, easy way of starting chapters on a new page
  • How to use headings and paragraph styles to save loads of time
  • Which font and font size to use
  • Indenting paragraphs
  • Justifying/aligning text
  • Adding title pages, including the copyright page
  • Uploading your manuscript to CompletelyNovel
  • Troubleshooting

The guide also includes a handy checklist to make sure you’ve considered all the above.

Uploading to CompletelyNovel

Once you’ve typeset your book and have got the inside looking amazing, you can then upload it to CompletelyNovel and start designing your cover! If you’re not yet publishing with CompletelyNovel and want to know more about the publishing process, here are some useful links:

Inspiration from bestsellers

To get you started, here are a few of our favourite examples of typesetting. Share yours below!

Further reading:

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