News room: 10 free tools for online book marketing

10 free tools for online book marketing by Sarah Juckes

Book marketing needn’t carry a hefty price tag. There are plenty of free ways to promote your book – and plenty of free tools to help you, too. We’ve scoured the web for ten of our favourite online marketing tools – all absolutely free to use.

Did we miss any? Please leave your tips as a comment below.

1. Photofunia

This fun photo app is also useful for creating book marketing images. Upload your book cover to one of their templates and your book could be on display on billboards, in magazines or even just in the hands of smiling readers. Pretty simple – and yep – pretty free.

2. Goodreads giveaway

Goodreads is a great free social networking site for readers and offers a whole host of free marketing tools in their author program. Our favourite of these is the Goodreads Giveaway – an easy way to get hundreds of readers bidding to win a copy of your book (and hopefully adding it to their ‘to-read’ lists whilst they’re at it).

3. Twiteriod

When’s the best time to tweet a link to your book? This handy app will analyse your twitter account for you and let you know. It’ll then help you put these tweets into action, or you can schedule them with a free social media management service such as Hootsuite.

4. Mailchimp

Newsletters are perfect tools for turning visitors to your website into readers, and your readers into superfans (more advice on this here). Mailchimp is a free email tool that makes managing and creating emails a bit of a doddle. (For an example of a good newsletter, make sure you’re signed up for ours!)

5. Google alerts

Have a book about a particular topic or location? Google have a useful alert tool that enables you to set up notifications for when these are in the news. If ‘sports doping’ becomes big news overnight, then you can capitalise on the exposure by sending out press releases about your book on the subject. Never miss an opportunity!

6. Newsle

Similar to Google alerts – but focused on those ‘potentially-useful’ contacts you’ve been collecting at events. This handy app connects with your social media and lets you know when your friends are in the news. Then you can reconnect with them by sharing their article, or dropping them a line to see if they need a hand…


‘If you love your books, let them go”. A fun way to increase the amount of people reading and sharing your book. Register a copy with BookCrossing and then leave it in a public place. Hopefully, you’ll then be able to track where it goes and what people think when they read it.

8. After the deadline

Not a marketing tool per se – but a tool that will help ensure any marketing efforts you do are as good as they can be. This Chrome extension will help correct your spelling, grammar and style in everything from your tweets to your blog posts. Handy.

9. Audacity

Thinking of starting up a podcast, or publishing some audio content on your website? This free software helps you record and edit audio content. Afterwards, why not pop your podcast on AudioBoom, or your short story reading on MacGuffin to engage new readers?

10. ShareThis

If you’ve spent ages crafting a blog post, you’ll probably want to make sure it’s read by as many people as possible (more tips on blogging for authors). Make your post is easy to share with this nifty app – it’s easily embeddable and you can keep track of how many people have liked your content enough to tweet it.

Try our one on for size by sharing this article with your network:

Of course, nothing is quite so handy for your offline marketing than a beautiful print book to sell right there and then. Find out more about how you can start creating your print book for free, here.

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